Burn Up To 500 Calories With This Crazy Treadmill Workout

It’s time to HIIT the ground running. By doing high-intensity sprint intervals (HIIT) rather than steady-state cardio at a moderate pace, you’re less likely to put on unnecessary strain on your body while getting fitter in less time. It’s by far the most efficient way to utilize your time in the gym.

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There’s a bonus to doing HIIT-style sprints on a treadmill, too; we all know how the treadmill can be tedious, so the workout below emphasizes multiple transitions to keep your mind and body busy. When done correctly, you’ll burn up to 500 calories (remembering that everyone’s body is different, so this is just a rough estimate. Of course, calorie burn isn’t everything — far from it. Regardless of the calorie burn, you’ll be boosting your heart health, strengthening your muscles, increasing your cardiovascular output, and providing your body with the acute conditioning it needs to become fit and strong.

As with any workout regime, consult your doctor beforehand. And if at any point the workout gets too intense, feel free to scale back the sprint intervals, elongate the rest periods, or simply decrease the amount of sprints altogether. It’s your workout, so make sure that you are doing what feels best for your body.

Adjust any of the recommended speeds or incline percentages for each interval to your level or desired intensity. The workout is divided into a sprint portion and an incline portion. It begins with a 10-minute warm up, transitions to 10 minutes of sprint intervals and 20 minutes of incline intervals, and then ends with a five-minute cooldown for a 45-minute workout.