Heroin Abuse being A Great Challenge to deal with! Know-How and why?

Any sort of drug abuse is a devastating situation to deal with. The drug abuse is just not limited to the common names heard like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and others but the abuse has increased through prescribed drugs more than illegally available ones. The opioid-based painkillers have drastically fired up the rate of drug overdose deaths in the USA by a startling percentage of 96.6% over the period of five years starting from 1997 to 2002. 

Rx pain killer is the most vastly consumed drug that has led to other forms of illegal addictions and studies show that it has given rise to heroin addiction 40 times which is the highest compared to other substances like alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana.

As heroin is the point of discussion for today let’s stick to the topic and see why dealing with heroin abuse is a challenging task and how we can help our loved ones to get out of the pain.

Disturbing effects of heroin consumption!!

  • The first and foremost thing is that heroin is an extremely addictive drug and if addicted will lead the sufferer to illegal buying of the drug since it is not legally available. 
  • There are high chances of overdose if consumed along with any other drug.
  • Overdose can result in shortness of breath, coma, and in worst cases death. 
  • The affected might start stealing money to fulfill their urge and desire.
  • Mostly, heroin is injected into the bloodstream which is a high risk in a state of euphoria since you do not realize what you are doing. The consumers end up using each other injections that can give a push to HIV, different types of hepatitis, and other dangerous diseases.

Who is more likely to be addicted to Heroin?

Since heroin is known as a ‘street drug’ thus it is readily available at cheap rates. It is essential to understand and detect the group that is at high risk of getting addicted to heroin.

  •  People who are taking opioid-based painkillers. 
  • The addicts of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine are prone to be addicted to heroin as well. 
  • People who are getting medical aid from the health department of the respective location. 
  • According to different surveys males are recorded to be more addicted to heroin than females.
  • People living in large densely populated localities.
  • Youngsters are more affected between the age group of 18 to 25.

How to help someone who is suffering from heroin abuse?

As a human, it is our responsibility to keep our eyes open and help the addicts to make their living peaceful. Read the heroin guide to aid someone in need of a rehab program to recover from drug dependence. It is vital to seek professional help in case of heroin independence or any other drug abuse because the withdrawal symptoms vary from one drug to another. In the case of heroin dependence, the withdrawal symptoms are not easy to manage and may end up in relapse and severe overdose that may cause serious health conditions and even death.