How to Convince Your Partner to Work Out

Life partners don’t often commit to being gym buddies. Although your partner may not care to get up and go for a jog with you in the morning, you can motivate him or her e to change this habit and start working out. Experts believe that couples who work out together also stay together for years. But how will you convince your better half to find time so that you can hit the gym together? Here are a few suggestions you can follow:

•    Don’t make your partner feel ashamed

Putting your significant other on the defensive about their present lifestyle choices can only make things worse. Remember, not all couples meet during a romantic evening in Paris. Many couples meet on dating sites like LOveSita where they can only see the pictures of their partner and read a bit before deciding to give the relationship a try. So, if you loved the person then despite their physique, you shouldn’t bully them into changing their lifestyle suddenly. Instead, you should be more supportive and motivate your better half by explaining some of the benefits of working out together. You can reward them if they can finish a set of exercises with you every day.

•    Share a common goal

Achieving a personal fitness goal is not the objective here. You and your partner need to share a common goal, and you have to describe how you can reach it. For example, if your BMI is slightly higher than usual, but your partner’s BMI is way below average, then both of you need to reach a balanced BMI. You can tell your partner about why it is essential to have a balanced BMI and the adverse effects of being overweight or underweight. If he/she is convinced, and you manage to reach the goal together, you can decide on a reward, so you always have something to look forward to after sweating it out.

•    Make exercising fun

If your partner doesn’t love to exercise, you need to make it a fun activity. You need to find different exercises that involve the participation of both you and your partner. It is easy to start by asking for help like spotting when lifting heavy weights. This way you can engage him/her for a while in daily exercise sessions. It is a way of tricking your partner into exercising. Once he/she starts helping you regularly, you can set a fitness goal for both, and promise to offer assistance whenever he/she exercises so you can return the favor.

•    Lead by example

Considering that you make the above tricks work, you should lead your partner by example. Take your training seriously. Your fitness is one of the reasons why your partner may be motivated to work out. So, don’t cheat on your meals or skip one of the sets of exercises that both of you were supposed to do together. This will demotivate your partner, and he/she may want to skip exercising the next day.

Fit and healthy couples often have a wonderful time in bed. And, intimacy can help bring you closer. So, start researching on some of the best exercises for couples and motivate your partner to try them out with you.