How Yoga Can Help Students to Improve Their Marks

College life can be overly intense and stressful with no time for sports or proper relaxation. The idea of doing yoga may sound odd because you need all the time you have to manage your schedule, have a good sleep, try to eat healthily, and do some chores. But yoga is more than just a sport or gymnastic exercises. Actually, it may be very helpful during your study, and the time spent on asanas will pay off with the boost of productivity later. So, how can yoga help you to improve your marks?

Yoga helps you relax

Shifting from study to work to chores to study again seems like an endless cycle of stress. Especially, when you have to prepare an essay for your law class via, it can be really hard sometimes. We even don’t mention the social events that can appear out of the blue and desperately need your presence there. But yoga may help you relax even while sitting at the desk, lying on the couch, or standing: there are asanas for each pose and each aspect of your life. They will decrease the pain and strain, normalize the heart rate, and let you control your breath. Yoga also helps you to control annoying micro-movements such as clenching jaws, raising shoulders, etc.

Another great tool for relaxation is meditation. We will mention it often because meditation is a multifunctional instrument. Here it can be used as a complex of great breath and thoughts controlling techniques that will help you relax as much as physical yoga aspects. To achieve that effect, you’ll need just a few minutes of meditation. It will take you as much time as one cigarette but will be much, much more useful.

Yoga improves your health

Yoga is much more than physical exercise, but it still helps you to keep fit. It isn’t as effective as swimming or workout, but instead, it can be practiced everywhere. There are different types of yoga: some are intense and may be used to slim down or make your core muscles stronger; some are slower and used for flexibility and balance development. Anyway, they all have one thing in common: the only thing you need to practice yoga is your own body.

Cleverly using different asanas, you may rise or drop your blood pressure, keep your cardiovascular system reasonably loaded or give some extra movement to the muscles, tired by being in the same position for the half of the day. It’s too easy to abandon a healthy lifestyle while in college, especially before the exams. Yoga will save you time because you don’t have to go anywhere to practice it.

Yoga helps you keep stress at bay

Among the countless stress sources, it’s hard to stay calm without getting to the brink of anxiety. Yoga can be a great help both by its nature and as a time that you dedicate to yourself only. Though brief, this period of feeling your mind and body is yours alone, and sometimes it is enough to regain confidence and find your balance in the world again. Breathing techniques and mental exercises also help a lot, as well as slow and rhythmic movements.

Yoga also encourages you to stay in the present moment, feel it, and it alone, without being obsessed with future plans or past troubles. Learning to concentrate on the present, your breath, your heartbeat, your existence here and now, helps you find your inner peace and stop the obsessive cycle of anxiety about the things to come or something that has already happened. This skill will be very useful even outside of yoga practice, giving you the possibility to concentrate on the particular task, be it work, study, or anything else.

Yoga isn’t a magic wand that will improve your marks dramatically and at once. To get good grades, you still need to learn. But if your stress, tiredness, or lack of time for yourself don’t allow you to concentrate properly and bad and anxious thoughts eat up most of your time and productivity, it’s time to consider yoga as a helpful tool on your way to the inner peace and better marks. Though at the beginning it may seem hard to practice yoga, soon you’ll get used and will have your favorite asana for every case in your life!