How Your Diet and Fitness Affect Your Teeth

Diet and fitness are important to every aspect of your health. This includes your teeth. While you need the benefits of a nutritious diet and a good exercise routine to keep your body and teeth strong, there are a few things you might want to avoid in order to prevent causing damage to your smile.


Sugar and Starches

When you eat, you are not just feeding your body. You are feeding the micro-organisms in your mouth. If your diet includes foods high in sugar or starches, you have probably felt a sticky film coating your teeth between brushing. That sticky coating is actually an overgrowth of bacteria. What is happening is that these sugary and starchy foods are feeding the bacteria in your mouth. This coating can eventually lead to dental plaque, making it harder to brush and dental cleanings more difficult. It also encourages the cavity-forming process. Get into the habit of brushing after meals that are high in starches or after sugary treats.

Foods and Beverages That Stain

Staining is a big problem when it comes to keeping your smile beautiful. Most people know that tea and coffee will stain their teeth, but drinks like cola, red wine, and fruit juices can also yellow teeth. Acidic foods are another culprit when it comes to stains. Tomato-based sauces, curry, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce can all leave their mark. You want to avoid berries too. If you are experiencing staining in your teeth, you can contact Coco Lab Smile to learn about ways to have your teeth professionally whitened.


Not all foods are dangerous to your teeth. The enamel on your teeth is one of the hardest substances in your body. The calcium you get from your diet provides the necessary ingredients for strong, healthy enamel. In addition to calcium, you need Vitamin D to help the calcium absorb into your body. Turn to foods like cheese, yogurts, and Vitamin D milk for strong teeth. In addition, you can find Vitamin D and calcium supplements to help fortify your diet.


Gum Health

Exercise is always a great idea for good overall health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, but did you know exercise also reduces your risk of gum disease? Experiencing high-intensity exercise at least three times a week lowers the risk of gum disease which is painful. Gum disease can eventually lead to swollen gums, bad breath, and tooth loss.


While exercise is wonderful, there are some major dental concerns when it comes to your teeth. Don’t stop exercising. Just be aware of these complications. The first one is heavy breathing during your workout. When you begin to breathe heavy, you tend to breathe through your mouth. Mouth breathing reduces the production of saliva and creates a dry mouth which is the perfect environment for bacteria growth that contributes to cavities and tooth decay. Keep water on hand to keep your body hydrated and keep your mouth moist.

Clenching and Grinding

Another problem with intense workouts is clenching or grinding your teeth. Think about the way weight lifters clamp down when straining to lift. If your workouts include exercises that push you to your limits, be careful not to grind your teeth together. It wears down the teeth as well as causes complications with your jaw alignment. Talk to your dental care provider about wearing a mouthpiece that helps discourage grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw.


Similar to the beverages we discussed when talking about diet, sports drinks pose a hazard to your teeth. The ingredients used in sports drinks are ideal for rehydrating the body and replenishing much-needed nutrients, but they rely on acids and sugars for their taste and the benefits they provide when it comes to helping your body recover. These acids and sugars can encourage stains and decay. If you use sports drinks, follow them with water, and be sure to keep a regular brushing and flossing routine in place.

Like with all things in life, moderation is the key. Save starchy foods and sugary snacks as a special treat. The same goes for drinks like red wine, soda, coffee, and tea. Don’t skip you exercise routine, but be smart when it comes to hydration and the way you do high-intensity workouts. The result will be a healthy and beautiful smile you can be proud of.