10 Simple Ways To Detox Every Day

“Detox” is a very popular term within the health and wellness community, but it’s recently become more than just about cleansing your body or not eating certain foods.

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Detoxifying can be broadly defined as the process of abstaining from behaviours and substances that can hinder optimal health and wellness from our lives. These simple ways to detoxify at home will help you look, feel and perform at your best every day.

1. Remove Electronics From Your Bedroom

According to an article in published by Harvard Medical School, “study after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease and obesity,” Researchers are not exactly clear why light exposure seems to be so bad for us, but they believe it is connected to disruptions in our sleep cycle. Maintain your bedroom as a relaxing safe haven, free from digital devices and gizmos, and aim to read a book or unwind with some music 30 minutes before going to bed instead of checking your phone or watching YouTube videos.

2. Eliminate Highly-Refined Carbohydrates

North Americans get the majority of their calories from processed grain products like cereal, pasta, bread and sugar. A diet high in highly-refined products can result in weight gain and undernourishment, as these types of foods are usually lacking in nutrients filled with empty calories. Try detoxing by cutting out processed grains altogether, replacing them with complex carbs, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and potatoes, instead.

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3. Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep abdominal breathing is used in a variety of proven relaxation techniques. In addition to helping you bust stress, deep breathing can slow your heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure. Try the “Relaxation Response” at least once a day to clear your head and help you “detoxify” stressful and negative thoughts.

4. Eat At The Table

Eating in a distracting environment, like in front of the TV or while driving, can be stressful and lead to overeating. Instead, strive to eat every meal from a plate or bowl, while seated at a table. Take the time to focus on eating, and make sure you experience your meal with your eyes, nose and taste buds. You’re more likely to enjoy your meal (and less likely to overeat) if you focus on what you are putting into your body in a mindful manner.

5. Limit Distressing Information From Your Daily Life

Do you have a Facebook friend who is always complaining? Does a particular daily news show make you angry? Consider removing that friend from your news feed and avoid these distressing experiences altogether. Our bodies respond to psychological stress, and focusing on distressing information can take a toll on your wellbeing. Try to focus on all the positivity in your life, and don’t allow negative influences to worm their way in.

6. Replace Harsh Household Cleaners With Natural Products

There’s conflicting evidence on how harsh cleaners may or may not impact our health. If you want to limit your exposure, try using all-natural cleaning products at home. Many formulas, which often consist of ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and more, are easy to whip up and much cheaper then commercial products.

7. Abstain From Alcohol

The occasional cocktail may not be a health hazard, but alcohol is one of the few regularly consumed products that we know to be toxic at certain levels. There’s a reason why almost every single cleanse recommends cutting down or removing alcohol from your diet; it’s one of the fastest ways to lose weight and improve your general wellbeing overall.

8. Choose All-Natural Personal Care Products

Much like cleaning products, some ingredients in personal care products are controversial. For example, parabens, a type of preservative found in shampoos and cosmetics, have been linked to possible health problems. Research what’s in your favourite beauty products and make sure you’re opting for natural wherever possible.

9. Drink Water

You already know this one. Water is the body’s number-one tool for keeping itself free of toxins and waste. Our bodies use water to flush out waste through our kidneys, pores and digestive system, drink up and drink often!

10. Take A Second Look At Your Nutritional Supplements

Are your supplements are as effective you think they are? Examine.com is a fantastic resource for evaluating the health claims made by a nutrition supplement. Make sure you’re taking a high-quality formulation of that supplement and read up on any consumer reports written on the manufacturers you buy from.

Detoxification doesn’t to have to be a complex or mysterious process. Taking simple steps to limit negative influences in your life can improve your attitude, health and overall wellbeing.