Is Dragon’s Blood Effective when taken as a Supplement?

Nowadays, there are a lot of weird supplements and medications that you can take. It’s just just the things they can cure that are crazy, though; the names of the products are getting stranger and stranger, which almost adds an aura of mystery to them. However, this weirdness isn’t for everyone- a lot of people actually avoid products which could help them due to their strange nature or their unorthodox names. However, a lot of recent discoveries have led to these kinds of products finally getting the attention they deserve- just think snail secretions, which can be used for skin treatment. We aren’t going to talk about that here though, and instead we’re going to talk about a product with one of the funkiest names out there; dragon’s blood. Just what is this though? Read on to find out.

The dragon’s blood supplement comes from the family of dragon trees, which is found in tropical countries. Its name comes from its colour- a dark red colour, giving it the appearance of a fantasy dragon’s blood. It was originally thought to be a god-like drug which could cure anything at all. This was widely believed long ago in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, China and the Middle East. However, recent medical discoveries have contradicted this and have instead found that it can help with some very specific illnesses and conditions. So what are these? 

One of these conditions is acne. Dragon’s blood contains a very strong anti-inflammatory property which is great at reducing swelling in areas of the body. Acne often comes with the symptom of a swollen or inflamed face, and dragon’s blood is really effective at reducing both this and the redness in your face. It’ll also help to prevent acne if you don’t already have it. It also contains an antibacterial property which allows it to fight and prevent the infections that cause acne, meaning you can start to work towards recovery. It helps to cure you slowly and effectively, meaning you won’t be left with any scarring from your acne. It’s a really effective treatment method. 

It also helps with your general skin health. This is because it works with a method of covering your skin with a protective layer, which helps you in a variety of different ways. It helps to keep all the important moisture inside and on your skin at times when it needs it the most, meaning you are moisturised at all times. It also keeps any infectious diseases or bacteria out, making you much less susceptible to these kinds of skin conditions. 

This protective layer is also really effective at protecting you from the sun and stops you from ageing in your face and general skin as quickly. Again, this is mostly down to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial methods of protection, which are really great for keeping your skin looking young and fresh. It boosts your skin’s production of collagen and skin regeneration, giving you yet more reasons as to why it’s effective as a supplement.