10 Healthy Sushi Rolls You Can Make At Home

The Japanese enjoy exceptionally longest life spans, and have one of the lowest obesity rates in the Western world. This is a result of the traditional Japanese diet, comprised of fresh, unprocessed foods — including healthy sushi rolls.

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Sushi is generally considered a healthy food, chockfull of “good-for-you” ingredients like raw fish and fresh vegetables. But that doesn’t mean you should hit the all-you-can-eat sushi bar every day. Not all sushi is created equal, so avoid fried kinds like tempura-shrimp and spider rolls, and don’t mindlessly nosh on big, rice-based rolls either (all those carbs really do add up).

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 healthy sushi recipes to try for yourself at home.

1. Zucchini-Wrapped Quinoa Sushi

This is a new way to make sushi, with thin slices of zucchini wrapping up healthy, turmeric-infused quinoa (no heavy rice here). The mix of textures makes it a real treat. (Recipe from Teczcape.Blogspot.ca)

2. Healthy Sushi Bowl

If you want to control the amount of rice in your meal, nothing beats a sushi bowl. (It makes prep time a bit easier, too.) All you have to do is put your desired amount of cooked rice (or none at all — it’s entirely up to you), sushi-grade fish, avocado, shredded carrots, cucumber sticks and ripped seaweed into a bowl, and mix it with a bit of soy sauce. The possibilities are endless with a sushi bowl — add any ingredients you like to create your own signature dish! (Recipe from Muffin-Topless.com)

3. Frushi

Fruit sushi, a.k.a., “frushi,” has been gaining popularity amongst foodie circles as an unusual alternative to salty and savoury maki rolls. This recipe is made with coconut rice, fruit leathers and fresh fruit. You can whip up different varieties by switching up the fruit base. (Recipe from SelfProclaimedFoodie.com)

4. Banana Sushi

This super-cute “sushi” is great for breakfast or a healthy snack. Take a peeled banana, spread nut or seed butter on one side and sprinkle with nuts, seeds and/or dried fruit. Yum! (Recipe from FitFoodieFinds.com)

5. Avocado And Sweet Potato Quinoa Maki

When re-thinking the ingredients for your next sushi roll, consider adding these super-healthy, nutrient-dense foods: avocado, sweet potato and quinoa. This is a filling sushi that’s ideal for days when you’re working out. (Recipe from TwoBlueLemons.com)

6. Quinoa Sushi Rolls

Foodies will love the aesthetic of these rolls and their buzzy ingredient, quinoa. This recipe comes with three varieties: tuna, vegetable, and a very intriguing sriracha egg omelette filling. (Recipe from Wholesome-Cook.com)

7. California Roll

California rolls are an American twist on sushi, and a surprisingly healthy one. The “meat” of the California roll is simply avocado, cucumber and low-calorie crab meat. Swap brown rice for white rice for extra fibre. (Recipe from NoRecipes.com)

8. Vegan Tuna Sushi

Sure you can have a maki roll instead of a regular fish roll, but this recipe uses tomato instead of the fish. It’s just as delicious-looking as an ahi tuna sushi roll. If you have concerns about mercury, you could try this. (Recipe from Rootiful.com)

7. Smoked Salmon Roll

You can easily use smoked salmon in place of raw sushi-grade salmon in any sushi recipe. But This recipe uses smoked salmon as the wrap. Genius! (Recipe from PlayingWithFireAndWater.com)

9. Spicy Tuna Bites

This is the perfect sushi-inspired appetizer. It’s easy to eat, plus it’s low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, a good source of protein and gluten-free – and it takes five minutes to make. It’s a spicy tuna roll that uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo on a cucumber, making it the perfect finger food. (Recipe from FoodFaithFitness.com)