10 Surprising Watermelon Recipes To Try This Summer

Aptly named watermelon is made up of 91.5% water, making it the perfect summertime snack when you’re looking for something that both tastes good and will help you stay hydrated.

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And surprisingly, watermelon is a very versatile ingredient: Enjoy it on its own, add it to your water or juice, or mix it up with any number of foods to create a refreshing salad, soup or sorbet.

Try these 10 hydrating watermelon recipes when the weather heats up.

1. Watermelon-Yogurt Ice

Shaved ice is a staple of summer with its cool, refreshing texture. Make your own version using watermelon and low-fat vanilla yogurt for a light treat that epitomizes summer. This recipe calls for four cups of watermelon, so you’ll feel refreshed and hydrated after eating it. As a bonus, there are only 74 calories per serving. Get the recipe

2. Watermelon Green Juice

Next to water, there’s nothing more hydrating than a fruit-and-veggie juice. This recipe is loaded with superfoods, so whip it up when you’re in the mood to kick the day’s butt. With romaine lettuce, watermelon, cucumber, limes, celery and kale, there’s enough healthy goodness in this recipe to give you a boost. Bust out the mason jars and store it for up to 24 hours. Get the recipe

3. Jalapeno Gazpacho With Feta

Summer is the perfect season for chilled soups, and what could be more refreshing than a soup that combines tomatoes, watermelon and cucumbers? Make it spicier by adding more jalapeno than what’s listed. It’s only 227 calories a serving, but this light soup packs a big flavor punch. Get the recipe

4. Watermelon-Mint Juice

Here’s another delicious juice recipe that contains no artificial sugars or flavors – just a lot of delicious, fresh produce. Watermelon, honeydew melon, cucumber, lime, and mint: does that combination not sound divine? Pour it in a cup and drink it poolside for the ultimate summer experience. Get the recipe

5. Tomato Watermelon Salad

Why do tomato and watermelon make such a good pair? This salad is the best of both worlds – savoury and sweet. At only 161 calories per serving, you’ll want to return to this light treat again and again. Get the recipe

6. Hydrating Tropical Dessert Smoothie

Watermelon! Pineapple! Mango! All that’s missing is the beach and a fancy straw. Not only will this smoothie cool you down right away, it makes 6 servings and can be stored up to three days, so you can keep enjoying it. Try it once and you’ll want to make it all summer long. Get the recipe

7. Baja Fish Tacos With Watermelon Guacamole

If you’re tired of the same old same old, this is the recipe for you. Traditional guacamole is completely turned on its head with the addition of delicious, refreshing watermelon. This is one of those dishes that may sound strange at first – but once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Get the recipe

8. Watermelon, Grapefruit And Blackberry Salad

Sure, there are some days when a heavy meal sounds great. In the heat of summer, though, there’s nothing better than a light fruit salad. This one has it all, including fresh, juicy produce that’s high in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. The addition of mint and honey makes this the ultimate summer dish. Get the recipe

9. Southern Watermelon Benedict

Change the way you think about breakfast and brunch forever by swapping the biscuit in traditional eggs Benedict for granola, the egg for a thick slice of watermelon, and the hollandaise sauce for yogurt. Add some kiwi and mint and you have a unique, unexpected, delicious way to start the day. Get the recipe

10. Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

There’s nothing better than a recipe with only two or three ingredients. This one couldn’t be simpler: blend together strawberries, watermelon, and optional dates, freeze, and enjoy. Say no to store-bought popsicles with added sugar, and make your own delicious version instead. Get the recipe