14 Delicious Detox Smoothie Recipes

When it’s time for a detox, we turn to fresh, homemade smoothies made from the world’s most potent superfoods, from kale and spinach to chia seeds and ginger — and of course, sweet, delicious fruit. You want smoothies that are healthy, delicious, and easy to make? Look no further.

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Here are 14 healthy detox smoothies to help you get you back on track.

1. Five-Ingredient Detox Smoothie

This smoothie is vegan, gluten-free, and full of antioxidants and fibre. It’s also a great alternative when you’re tired of green smoothies. This one’s a deep-purplish red thanks to its berries and juice. Make it when you want to feel refreshed and boost your immunity. Try the recipe here.

2. Ginger Orange Smoothie

The next time you feel a cold coming on, run to the store and grab the ingredients for this smoothie. Ginger is great for digestion and oranges are full of vitamins. Put the two together, and you have a healthy marriage of ingredients that will help you fight against sickness. Find the recipe here.

3. The Super Green

Here it is: a classic green smoothie that combines kale, celery, parsley and mint. This smoothie is so green, you practically feel healthier just looking at it. But don’t worry: there’s also mango and orange juice in there to give you some sweetness. Look for the recipe here.

4. Healthy Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

Did someone say pie? It’s true: here’s a smoothie that’s sweet and thick and tastes like pie, yet contains healthy ingredients. When you combine bananas, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and a few vanilla wafers, you get a healthy smoothie that tastes just like banana cream pie. Here is the recipe.

5. Oatmeal Banana Smoothie

If you ever find yourself with leftover oatmeal, don’t throw it away. Instead, turn it into a delicious smoothie. Here is a recipe that takes five minutes to prepare and is made from common, simple ingredients. Make it next time you’re tired of plain oatmeal but still want to reap oatmeal’s healthy benefits.

6. Vegan French Toast Smoothie

As long as we’re on the theme of delicious breakfast smoothies, why not try this French toast version? A few unusual ingredients – avocado and nutritional yeast – are the key to this vegan smoothie. Try it, close your eyes, and you’ll swear you’re eating actual French toast. Here is the recipe.

7. Spring Detox Smoothie

Spring is finally making its appearance, so what better time to bust out a smoothie in its honor? This one combines cilantro, green tea, cucumbers, pineapple, ginger, avocados, lemon juice, and raw honey. In other words, it’s the real deal when it comes to disease-fighting, antioxidant-filled, healthy detoxifying ingredients. Find the recipe here.

8. Spinach Grapefruit Smoothie

Maybe this combination sounds a little weird to you – and that’s before you even know about the rest of the ingredients, like grapes, ginger and dates. Somehow, though, it just works. Boost your metabolism and get a surprisingly refreshing smoothie out of this fun concoction. Check out the recipe here.

9. Pink Power Detox Smoothie

This smoothie is the ultimate pick-me-up to leave you feeling energized and glowing. Check out its powerhouse list of ingredients: beet, avocado, strawberries, celery, lemon, virgin coconut oil, and apple. Whip this up when you want a bright pink, thick, creamy, tart start to your day. Find the recipe here.

10. Golden Detox Smoothie

This naturally sweet smoothie combines carrots and pineapple with Greek yogurt and orange juice for a thick, refreshing treat. Try this one when you feel yourself getting sick or when you feel like you’ve been overindulging and your system needs a break. It’s packed with vitamin C as an added bonus. Check out the recipe here.

11. Kale-It-Up Smoothie

It doesn’t get much simpler than a smoothie that only contains three ingredients. This recipe works best with baby kale – if you use curly kale, be sure to cut off the ribs. And don’t worry: the apple adds sweetness.  Here is the recipe.

12. Pomegranate Berry Smoothie

By now you’ve made smoothies that are green, red, pink and golden. Why not try purple next? Combine pomegranate, berries, and whey protein for a fresh smoothie with a unique taste. Find the recipe here.

13. Kale-Ginger Detox Smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect way to eat your veggies, and here again the starring vegetable is kale. A smoothie that’s described as equal parts nutritious and delicious, this recipe relies on powerhouse ingredients: cinnamon, almond milk, banana, kale, blueberries, chia seeds, ginger, and raw honey. Try it here.

14. Warrior Tonic

With a name like that, how can you not feel like you’re fending off bacteria and disease? This smoothie was designed by a holistic skincare and wellness expert. Of all the smoothies on this list, this one features the most unique ingredients (maca powder, lucuma powder and cacao nibs). Try this special recipe on a special day. Find it here.