Top 10 Cold Soup Recipes For Hot Summer Days

Sipping hot soup on a summer’s day is like digging into a bowl of frosty ice cream in the middle of winter — it just doesn’t make much sense. The thing is, there are few things in life as delectable as the competing spices and complex range of tastes in a bowl of well-prepared soup, which is why we’re here to tell you: You can have your soup and eat it too, even in the middle of summer.

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The culinary geniuses of the world have put their heads together to curate some truly tasty and utterly impressive cold summer soup recipes for your al fresco dining pleasure.

Once you get hooked on cold summer soup, you won’t be able to get enough.

1. Traditional Spanish Gazpacho

This soup is special to summer, and encouraged by the recipe curator as a remarkable showcasing of the flavorful summer vegetables. The ripe red tomatoes in this Spanish inspired gazpacho recipe contain a wealth of Vitamin A and C, and also folic acid. Get the recipe

2. Watermelon Gazpacho

This Gazpacho comes with a refreshing, watermelon twist. Watermelon is one of the most delicious summertime fruits for feasting on and though it’s nearly 90 per cent water, it boasts a host of health benefits, from muscle recovery to heart health. Get the recipe

3. Chilled Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Red bell peppers are the start of this simple yet vibrant recipe, which also features chicken broth and cumin. Capsaicin in each red bell pepper offers health benefits such as cutting cholesterol and even reducing pain and inflammation. Get the recipe

4. Vegetarian White Cold Noodle Soup

This dish is inspired from a Korean soup called Kong Guksu, a soybean-based cold soup. Traditionally, this soup takes a couple of days to make, but we know you’re busy and on the go. That’s why we found a quicker version. Feel free to add tofu for extra protein. Get the recipe

5. Chilled Butternut Coconut Soup Recipe

Butternut squash is a famous fall favourite, but you’ll be a summer-soup convert once you try this cool concoction. Coconut gives it a summertime vibe without overpowering the flavour. Get the recipe. 

4. Chilled Potato And Leek Soup

This recipe does away with the heavy and fattening cream, resulting in a much lighter final product. It’s also absolutely delicious at room temperature, too. Get the recipe.

5. Chilled Cucumber Buttermilk Soup

With its wealth of naturally occurring B Vitamins, the cucumber added in this recipe can act as a quick mood lifter. From there, it’s worth noting that cucumbers, which are 95% water, serve as a profound and effective re-hydrating source for those hot summer days you seem to sweat more than anything else. Get the recipe

6. Chilled Southwestern Corn And Steak Soup

This southwestern-inspired soup turns up the heat with addition of some deseeded jalapenos. Corn serves as a great in-season option, and is the cornerstone of this hot-yet-cold recipe. Get the recipe. 

7. Chilled Avocado And Yogurt Soup

This unique soup draws upon inspiration from the Greek culinary minds of the world, and packs an extra burn to boot with its Jalapeno chile ingredient. Get the recipe.

8. Andrea’s Spicy BLT Soup

This one is a must try, an immediate winner, an instant success for all the BLT lovers out there! What’s more is you can do away with all the extra carbs brought on by a traditional, bread-included BLT sandwich recipe. (Recipe from