Protein Diet: 5 Recipes That You Must Try

A diet which is high in protein can help you build some lean muscles, and it also helps in losing some weight. Doctors often suggest a high-protein diet to a person who is trying to lose weight. Poultry, fish, eggs, lean meat, dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are a great source of protein. Moreover, nuts and seeds also contain high protein. You can eat these if you are on a high-protein diet.

Wait for a second! You cannot eat these raw. It will be crazy if I don’t tell you about some great recipes that you can try. Ingredients will be high in protein that will help you maintain your diet easily. Some people think that following a diet plan is annoying, but it is not valid. There are some delicious recipes which will make your protein diet exciting. These five recipes are as follows:

Mushrooms, Corn and Cheese Sandwich:

Yes, you’re right! Cheese is suitable for your protein diet. It is high in protein, but you have to choose a healthier cheese for this recipe. Mozzarella cheese is considered healthier than cheddar and parmesan cheese.

For this recipe, you have to boil mushrooms and corn. The quantity is up to you because it depends on your taste. You can have more mushrooms than the corn. After boiling mushroom and corn, you will have to add some shredded mozzarella cheese on top of mushroom and corn. Make a sandwich out of bread slices and then grill this sandwich.

This Mushrooms, Corn and Cheese Sandwich is high in protein. Mushrooms are low in calories, but they are a great source of fibre and protein. Moreover, corn is also a good source of protein. This sandwich is not only high in protein, but it is delicious as well. You should try this at home!

Turkey Roll-ups:

If you are not into mushrooms and corn, then I’m going to tell you about something more delicious than the previous recipe. This recipe will include Turkey slices, veggies and cream cheese.

These turkey roll-ups are high in protein, and they are flavourful yet nutritious. You can make them quickly. All you need to do is to put three or four turkey breast slices on a plate then spread a teaspoon of cream cheese on the slices. Now you can put a pickle, a slice of tomato and strip of cucumber, and now it is time to roll them into wraps. Each wrap will provide you with 5 grams of protein.

This recipe is very low in carbs and high in protein, and this will improve blood sugar levels in your body. However, you can add some other greens too if you want to, but I don’t recommend it. These yummy turkey roll-ups are going to help you in your protein diet.

Grilled chicken with lemon sauce:

What has more protein than chicken? Chicken breast is one of the most famous protein-rich foods. It can be cooked in different ways, and every time it tastes separate and distinct. You can even grill chicken breast on a grill pan, and you can eat it. It is so simple yet tender and juicy if you cook it right. The recipe I’m going to share with you won’t make your chicken breast dry and bland.

You need two chicken breasts, olive oil, salt, pepper, chicken stock and lemon. It is a simple recipe, and you can make it in minutes without putting your effort into it. Firstly, you will have to season chicken breast with pepper and salt. You will need to drizzle some olive oil and add some lemon zest on the chicken breast. Marinate the chicken for thirty to forty minutes.

Now put your nonstick grill pan on the stove, if you don’t have nonstick cookware, then you should visit the online store for best nonstick cookware. However, heat your grill pan and put those marinated chicken breasts. Let them cook for three minutes on each side and let the colour turn golden. Now take chicken breasts out of the pan and add chicken stock. Let it simmer for a few minutes, and now it is time to put the grilled chicken breast in the stock. Add some lemon and chopped parsley to stock. Put a lid on the pan and let the chicken turn juicy and tender. As the sauce thickens, take out the chicken breasts on the platter and pour that thick sauce on them.

It is a lemony, peppery chicken breast with lemon sauce. It is high in protein and mouth-watering delicious.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich:

Four ounce serving of salmon has 26 grams of protein. This is a fantastic source of protein. If you are following a high-protein diet plan and you don’t have salmon in the diet, then how could you call it a complete protein diet plan? You should make this recipe for your diet since it will give a lot of protein and nutrients. We will need a thin piece of smoked salmon, lettuce, roundel bread, scrambled eggs, dill, olives and parsley.

Now let’s make this delicious sandwich. Place a piece of lettuce, then put a tablespoon of scrambled eggs in the middle. Wrap a piece of salmon around the eggs and decorate with dill or parsley. You can also fold a long and thin piece of salmon and put it on the roundel bread. Put some olives and serve. Your smoked salmon sandwich is ready!

Bean salad with bacon and chives:

Everyone should eat beans because they are protein-rich food. For your high-protein diet, this bean salad with bacon and chives is perfect. This bean salad contains two forms of protein. You will need cannellini beans, olive oil, whole-grain mustard, whole-grain mustard, salt and pepper for this recipe. You have to toss the beans in apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Then you will have to add mustard, salt and pepper. Now you can store this mixture for more than eight hours. It will make your salad high in protein. Whenever you want to eat it, toss it with crispy bacon and freshly chopped chives. Your crunchy and fresh meal is ready, and you can eat it as much as you can.

These recipes are high in protein, and they are tasty & delicious. You will not feel that you are on some diet while eating them. Try them and enjoy!

Author Bio:

This post is written by Line Arias who has been working as a nutritionist for ten years now. She recently collaborated with health and fitness spa, NYC, and since then, she has been working on weight loss’ meal prep plans.