Some Actionable Steps To Make Your BBQ Recipes Healthy

Most of us are a die-heart fan of grills and consume them often. Because of their enticing taste, we cannot but have them going to a restaurant or in most cases, at our home. The food we consume overtime should be healthy anyway whether it is BBQ, sauce, meat, rice or something like that. But we have to keep in mind that they must be clean, not so fatty, and healthy. Foods may also be harmful to our health and can cause a lot of health hazards by consuming them if they are not nutritious, properly cooked. Too much fat is also dangerous for our overall health. So, we should avoid these things form our eating habit of leading and maintaining good health.

However, in this short article, we are not going to cover the steps to measure to have any healthy foods. Instead, being precise, we would love to talk here nothing but about how to make your BBQ recipes healthy and what are the actionable steps you need to consider.

For this purpose and if you want to do the entire process at your home, you need some smoke gears at hand. Without going to a restaurant far from your house, you can do it alone if you have all the good quality grilling equipment needed for making your BBQ at home. So, as you are here to read everything about the above title, it is sure everything is almost ready at your home to start the process. That’s why we are leaving the required things would like to go straight to some actionable steps you need to make BBQ healthy at home.

Grill lovers are welcome to follow these following steps to get healthy grills. So, let’s jump into the actions you need to take.

Consider the protein you like

In this section of the actionable steps to make a healthy BBQ, you can choose any protein source. They can be fish fillets, breast of the chicken or poultry. All of them are nutritious and provide a high level of protein and also have many health benefits. Also if you want to make the BBQ with turkey, you can also go for it because of its having a lot of health benefits as well. All you can do before starting the process is to mix minced portabella mushrooms, onions and the like. Meat or pork can also be the choice.

Make equal and perfect-sized parts of them

Small pieces of meat or fish fillet are perfect for grilling and easy to consume. Besides, they are cooked evenly and become tasty too. That’s why you can make them small parts of 3 to 6 ounces or according to your wish as there is no rule for it.

Rub them before putting into the smoker

Rubbing with some marinade or spice will add extra tasty flavor to your grills. To do this, take some marinade and spices and give a slight rub over every piece of meat. You can use cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, cinnamon, paprika and rosemary to have a better and spicy taste.

Separate fat from the meat or fish fillets

Extra fat can make your grill greasy which may not be liked by most of the grill lovers at all. Otherwise, fat is also bad for your health, and it helps you to gain extra weight. So, try to trim away the fat that is visible on the meat or fish fillets before starting to put them on the smoker to make a tasty BBQ.

Flip them on the smoker frequently

To cook properly and evenly, you need to flip them on the smoker frequently so that they can cook on all sides well. Otherwise, this process will help your meat from the formation of HCAs which is responsible for cancer as well according to the recent research.

Be careful while adding salad or sauce

Avoid that salad or sauce that has a lot of saturated fat and is not healthier for your overall health. So, without using the traditional salad like macaroni salad, potato salad and the like, you can do it at home, and homemade salad is better for your health. Make fruit salad or bean salad at home for the recipe.

A clean environment is a key

Many may find this step is optional, but this is important as well. Before starting the process, you should clean your smoker’s rack very well if there is leftover burnt food. Otherwise, it may ruin your whole process making your lovely BBQ bitter, and they may not cook evenly. That’s why it is equally important to clean your entire environment to have tasty BBQ which will be healthy. And, your next time users will also be fast.