The Benefits & Side Effects of Ostarine

So, you’ve probably heard of athletes and sportsmen getting banned from sporting activities after testing positive for SARMS such as MK2866 and wondered exactly what it does to the body; well, here is a look at Ostarine and why people use it to get the effects as they would from anabolic steroids.

Ostarine aka Enobosarm is a synthetic steroid hormone intended to make a user look more muscular. It’s used by people who want to develop and maintain male-like characteristics. It functions by activating and binding on the androgen receptors within the body which makes it a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

The product was developed by GTX, Inc; a pharmaceutical company that specializes in selective estrogen and androgen receptor modulator (SERM & SARM) drugs.

Ostarine is manufactured as a therapeutic aid to help treat muscle deterioration and osteoporosis conditions. Its chemical structure hasn’t been disclosed to the public yet. The drug is also still under investigations, legally speaking, and has excelled in some clinical trials and failed in others:

Highlights: Success and Failures

Success: A double-blind phase II study to compare the effectiveness of this sarms with a Placebo treatment concluded that Ostarine treatment resulted in a significant increase in lean body mass and physical functions than the placebo treatment.

Failure: While in phase III of the clinical trials to treat wasting in lung cancer patients, it failed on two occasions and as late as 2016, it’s still undergoing phase II trials to find out how effective it is in treating urinary incontinence in women.

In society and culture, however, Ostarine is a popular drug- among athletes especially. Before SARMs got banned in 2008, athletes doped on Ostarine to get the same effects they would benefit from anabolic steroids:

  • Assist in training
  • Develop and maintain physical stamina
  • Increase fitness

It’s even getting infused in other dietary supplements marketed across the US markets. Just in 2017, Dynamic Technical Formulations has to recall some of its Tri-Ton dietary supplements after the FDA tests indicated it had been infused with Enobosarm. But why are the masses going crazy about this drug anyway? And what does the product do the body?

The Effects of Ostarine on Muscle Building

Ostarine is an oral drug that’s ingested through the mouth or taken from food items infused with it. Despite failing Clinical tests in treating certain conditions, it’s favored as one of the most effective SARM on the market yet. It’s also the only SARM that has undergone numerous human trials. Bodybuilders say it’s the closest thing you can get to exogenous testosterone; so how does it work in the body?

As aforesaid, Ostarine begins by activating the body androgen receptors making them ready to receive signals of testosterone, DHT or estrogen in the body. Then it binds on these receptors to mimic the hormone signals leading to the development of male-like characteristics:

What is it Good For?

Increased Body Power: A study, for example, found out that tapping into the drug increased mean stair-climbing power more than any other SARM on the market.

Lean Bulk: a 12-week clinical study on 120 healthy elderly individuals who got dosed with little amounts of Ostarine (3mg/day) reported an increase in lean muscle mass and physical fitness.

Lasting Effects: it is an androgen receptor ligand, which means it binds to the receptor to form a pervasive coordination complex that leads to a more permanent change in fitness and stamina.

Excellent Lipid Profile: Apart from helping to gain lean muscles, Ostarine helps to blast excess body fats because it preserves the muscles you have and that means stimulating the body to burn fats for energy or make you eat proper diets for energy. It’s also effective in reducing LDL and Triglycerides Cholesterols.

Apart from the above physical and stamina benefits, it is also effective in increasing the body insulin resistance and developing stronger bones. Here’s when to take Ostarine.

When to Take Ostarine

The sarms is a non-methylated drug, so you don’t have to worry about liver toxicity. Just take care not to exceed 35 mg/ day unless a physician instructs the same. A 10-25 mg dosage per day is appropriate; remember that it’s got a 24-hour half-life so split your daily doses accordingly. The other caution is to follow the correct cycle length and avoid taking the product all year round as it needs to be recycled in the body.