Trenbolone – king among steroids

Trenbolone has never been officially used in human medicine. Although it was developed only as a veterinary steroid, it has been used since 1970 mainly in bodybuilding and power sports. Its official production lasted less than 20 years. Trenbolone as we know it today is produced only in underground laboratories. Athletes did not want to give it up for its almost miraculous effects on increasing strength and quality muscle mass without unnecessary fat and water. In particular, the acetate ester of trenbolone can significantly burn fat and at the same time gain quality muscles. Compared to testosterone, it has a much higher anabolic effect, so it is the king of strength steroids. It is very active in the proteosynthesis of proteins in muscles. Trenbolone is suitable for pre-competition training, when bodybuilders have to follow extreme diets, its ability to completely suppress cortisol ensures that even with such diets, the athlete does not lose any muscles, it is only of better quality.
Trenbolone effect

Negative effects:

There are a number of side effects when taking trenbolone. In my opinion, they are among the most toxic injectable steroids. First, it is highly toxic to the kidneys – blood is also found in the urine at high doses. During normal use, the urine is strongly yellow to brownish and has a very bad smell. Of course, there is severe acne on the face, back, chest. Trenbolone users also notice uncontrollable aggression and irritability. Headaches may also occur. Even though this steroid does not retain water in the body, it increases blood pressure. This substance is very similar in composition to nandrolone, as it is a derivative of it. The term “deca dick” is well known to nandrolone users, meaning erectile dysfunction. The same can be felt at higher doses of Trenbolone, so it is necessary to take relatively high doses of testosterone with it if we want to avoid this problem. As we have already mentioned, this substance is a high burden on the kidneys, so this side effect must be kept in mind at night, because Trenbolone causes increased sweating, especially during the night. Therefore, it is necessary to have a glass of water and tekunin to replenish during the night, so that you do not burden the kidneys so much. In the acetate form, a mild to severe cough may occur immediately after application, sometimes during application. This is caused by the penetration of the active substance into small veins and blood vessels. Although this phenomenon is often very unpleasant, thanks to it you can be almost sure that you have a real trenbolone.
Side effect of Trenbolone – acne


If we are talking about acetate, then it is ideal to spit it every day in doses from 25-100 mg per day or every other day. It is especially suitable for cycles aimed at gaining quality muscle mass with a minimum of fat. So ideal for the pre-competition period.

Due to the need for frequent application of acetate, I would rather recommend Trenbolone Enanthate. It is usually applied once a week in doses from 100 – 300 mg. In combination with the enanthate form of this steroid, fast oral steroids are particularly suitable for immediate cycle initiation.

Another ester of Trenbolone is Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. It was made in France and sold under the trade name Parabolan. Its half-life is a few days longer than that of enanthate – which makes me the most popular ester of the trenbolone family. It has also been used for the longest time for medical purposes. However, with the increasing number of doping scandals, its production was also officially discontinued.

Trenbolone is generally one of the more expensive steroids, it can be said that it is also relatively poorly available in good quality. It is sold in an oil for