What Can You Eat on the HCG Diet?

Losing extra weight keeps us fit and enables us to pursue our daily activities well. Besides, we can regain our desired body shape. There are different ways to lose extra weight. Some of them are long-term, and some of them are short-term.

HCG diet is one of the most low-calorie diets among them and the fastest ways to lose weight. About 1-2 pounds weight can be reduced per day as the diet claims. So, it is easily understood how effective (may not be perfect) way to cut out the extra weight of your body. In this diet, you are allowed to consume only 500 calories each day, which is insufficient for any human body to survive.

However, this diet plan has been popular for years and still practiced to lose weight. It’s an extreme diet cutting at least 1-2 pounds every day without making you feel hungry. It is now available in dosage, sprays, and injections.

If you are in this diet, you will not be allowed to cross the limit of 500 calories per day. But on average, a woman needs 2000 calories per day, whereas a man needs 2500 calories per day. Thus according to FDA, it is a wrong way to reduce weight and may have the potential causes of various diseases, including cancer as well.

When you are on a specific diet plan, you have to maintain your eating plan, meaning what you can eat to gain the result. As you are on the ultra-low-calorie diet, you have to include the following foods in your everyday diet.

Your daily menu should look like

For your breakfast, you are only allowed to have a cup of tea or coffee just with a tablespoon of milk and sugar as you have to avoid added sugar on this diet plan. Otherwise, you may eat only 200 grams of protein for your lunch and dinner. So, you can eat 200 grams of protein twice per day. The lists of foods are concise, but you have to continue as long as you are on this diet to achieve your final goal.

Concentrate on low-calorie vegetables, fruits, and carbs

This diet has been designed to gain low-protein in your every day’s diet plan. So, you need to consume those fruits, vegetables, and carbs which are low in protein. You can include cucumbers, onions, radishes, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. because they are low-cal veggies.

Do not eat any solid food before lunch or dinner. For your fruits items, you can include an apple, an orange, strawberries, and grapefruit.

Don’t include butter or oil

You cannot use butter or oil in your diet as long as you are on the HCG diet plan because they are restricted to include. Instead of doing so, you can add some flavor to your food so that taste good including salt, pepper, thyme, mustard powder, and basil.

There is also a limitation for your beverage items. You can have tea or coffee but with the instructed amount of tea, water.

Possible Side Effects of the Diet Plan

It should be wise to consult with your physician before planning to involve with this diet plan. If you have allergies, heart disease, kidney disease, ovarian cyst, asthma, then you must visit with your doctor to get a proper suggestion. Otherwise, you will fall in danger instead of losing your extra weight. However, you also have to keep one thing in mind that the FDA has not approved HCG as a weight loss tool.

There are several side effects you can experience while you are on this ultra-low-calorie diet plan. Possible side effects are headaches, depression, and fatigue, restlessness, swelling in the feet, ankles, and hands, pain in the injected area, and so on.

Final Verdict

There is no proven evidence that HCG is the ultimate way to lose weight. As it is designed to consume only 500 calories per day, you lose weight usually. But it can decrease your appetite for food in the long run. It is not the proper way to lose your extra pounds according to the physicians and even FDA. At present, it has different types like sprays, injections, dosages available. But it is also true that HCG has gained its popularity over the years and it is increasing day by day.