Author: Cindy Tram

Cindy is a co-owner and Head Coach at CrossFit YYZ located in Leaside Village. She holds a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer designation, is a Holistic Nutritionist and comes from a sports medicine and adaptive Athletics background. Cindy specializes in mobility and rehabilitation.

12 Days Of Christmas, Full-Body Workout

A pike push-up in a pear tree!

Why Form Is So Important In CrossFit

Technique is always a hot topic in any sport or fitness program. Moving well and with purpose sets us up for success by producing desirable results and better performance in our given sport or activity. Signup & Get Early Bird Access To Our Personal Training App On the flip side, moving poorly and without technique often times contributes to injury, muscular imbalances and poor results. In no other sport or fitness program has the topic of technique been so hotly debated as it has been with CrossFit. The Internet is plagued with articles ruling CrossFit to be the most dangerous sport, ... Read more