CBD Fitness – Do You Find That CBD Oil Helps With Fitness?

Whether you’re a runner, free solo enthusiast, or cross fit trainer, chances are, adding CBD to your diet might help you achieve your fitness goals. CBD is a powerful compound that boasts many therapeutic benefits in multiple applications.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of many cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. Most CBD products on the market are produced from hemp, which contains 0.3% THC or less qualifying it as non-intoxicating.

To understand how CBD impacts workouts, it’s essential to recognize what CBD is, and how it interacts with the body. We all have an extensive regulatory system called the endocannabinoid system. Basically, it is a signaling system that allows our cells and organs to communicate with each other to keep everything in check. CBD interacts with this extensive system to maintain or even enhance its functions- a healthy ECS, is a healthy body.

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of adults and professional athletes consuming CBD edibles and CBD oils before or after exercising.

So, how can CBD actually help you recover from your workout?

Benefits of CBD Oil

Exercising wears the body down, even if you feel great afterward. Your body goes through a lot of sensations after a workout, most notably pain and muscle soreness.  For most people, this is an inescapable side effect of an active lifestyle. That’s where CBD comes in.

A 2014 study showed how CBD affects glycine receptors, which play a role in the perception of pain. CBD oil’s activation of these receptors may support or even lead to a healthy recovery.

What CBD Product Should I Use Before My Workout?

That is entirely up to you! Much of the high-quality CBD products out there offer more of the same benefits. What changes, however, are the serving size, delivery method, and body chemistry.

New users, as well as professionals, tend to lean toward CBD oils. Why wouldn’t they? It’s easy to take and begins to take effect relatively quickly.  But besides CBD in oily form, you have your edibles: gummies, fruit bites, and candies. The list doesn’t stop here; you have gel capsules available to you if you prefer to do things the more traditional way.

In addition, there are fast-acting CBD pain creams. These CBD-infused lotions are ideal for post-workout recovery as they deliver soothing support right where you need it most. They’re as straightforward as usual pain creams, you just rub it on the affected area, and you’re set.

CBD Strength: Which One Is Right for Me?

Serving sizes are subjective. Everyone is different. Unlike supplement, CBD strengths vary depending on your needs. To find out what works best for your body, you have to experiment over time. Try to start with a single serving; those are conveniently called ‘daily doses.’ Take these for a few days, and monitor your progress. If you feel like your body can take more, increase the strength, and see where that gets you.

While some people may feel immediate results, it might be different for you. Remember that body chemistry? It turns out it plays an important role in how CBD is absorbed in the body. It might take 45 minutes for someone to feel the effects of those CBD gummies; but for you, it takes an hour to kick in. If you need you will be able to find the best CBD gummies online

But if you haven’t made up your mind on your favorite go-to product, don’t settle just yet. Try different products for variations on taste and various delivery methods to identify what works really for you.

Ready to Incorporate CBD in Your Fitness Regimen?

If you are an avid exerciser and committed to giving CBD a try, check with a health provider first since some chemicals found in protein shakes or energy drinks can interact negatively with other medications.

Next, move on to the brand. Do as much research as you can to find a reputable brand with good reviews while keeping in mind that the industry isn’t well-regulated, meaning there are knockoff CBD products that contain little to no CBD.

New companies are popping up by the week, making it harder to know who to trust. The most responsible way to make sure the company you’re choosing is indeed reputable is to watch out for red flags. Is the product American-made? Are the ingredients listed on the label? Can you see how many grams per serving the content actually has? And, does it contain ingredients you can’t pronounce? There is no such thing as too many questions.