Choosing A Protein Shake Before And After Your Workout

Exercising is good for health and everyone prefers to get the desired fitness at home instead of working at gym. Along with exercise a proper balanced diet is also necessary that could balance the requirements of body. Diet control and keeping an eye on the stuff you are eating is important for losing weight and shaping your body. People who exercise want to gain muscle mass and protein shakes serve best for this purpose.

If you have ore body weight than desired and you want to cut down the fat then you should choose the protein shake that could burn fat and preserve your muscle mass. If you don’t exercise, protein shakes help to keep you fit and healthy by improving your level of proteins as desired by your body. Taking a protein shake is not similar to making a mixture of milk and protein powder and drinking it there are tons of others delicious things such as fruits, honey and syrups that you can add to it.

Type of protein shake you should choose

It is important to know the requirement of your body and then you can go for choosing a shake that you can take before and after working out. There are many kinds of protein shakes that have different nutritional values.

Mostly protein powders are diary based, they are made from milk that are rapidly absorbed by body and increase muscular mass, but for lactose intolerant people plant based proteins powders are used to make shakes.

Dairy based protein powders

Whey protein made from the byproduct of cheese making process contains all essential amino acids required by the body. It absorbs quickly in the body and helps to gain muscular mass. You can get concentrated, hydrolysated and isolated whey protein.

Casein protein is also made from milk and it is slowly digested by the body. It is available as micellar and hydrolysate casein.

Plant based protein powders

Soy protein contains all important amino acids that are considered essential. Hemp protein is made from hemp seed but it has few amino acids. Rice protein is nutritionally low content and contains only few amino acids. Pea protein is also plant based and it is made from peas, but it contains few amino acids.

Proteins are important building blocks of body. They are part of enzymes that are required by the body to work in a basic manner. Protein shakes are full of benefits. They reduce your appetite by acting on the hormones of hunger making you feel full. They boost up your metabolism and help you to maintain your body weight. Body looks beautiful and attractive with healthy muscles and protein does that for you.

To make a good protein shake you should use milk instead of water because it is good for your health. Add fruits, yogurt and peanut butter too. If you want your protein shake to be tasty then you can use flavored protein powder too. Protein shake should have more liquid content than normal milkshakes as it is beneficial for your body. You should choose your protein shake by keeping in view whether it is suitable for your body or not.

For making the delicious protein shake you should pick a blender. You should keep in mind your requirements and consider the size and weight of the blender. Motor power, mode of construction, noise level, blades quality and durability, volume and cleaning ease should be kept in mind while choosing the best blender to make protein shakes. There is variety of blenders available in market but choosing the right one may be tricky so you should choose wisely and keep in mind the warranty and price of the right blender for you too.