20-Minute, Full-Body Workout For Serious Toning

Autumn is finally here, which means it’s time to fall back into your healthy gym habits after a summer of slacking.

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Unfortunately, this time of year also tends to be super busy for most people. Whether it’s a new fall project, an after-school or after-work program or other activities, your workouts can fall behind when you have so much on the go.

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Thankfully, all you need is 20 minutes of HIIT to get in a great workout. This 20-minute high-intensity, full-body workout will speed up your metabolism, burn calories, tone muscles and reduce body fat in just 20 minutes.

What you will need:

  • Bench
  • Small Dumbbells

Make sure to warm up properly first.

Suggested Warm-Up

5 minutes Cardio of Choice: Treadmill, Jump Rope, Jogging outdoors etc
Dynamic Stretches: Inchworms, Bear Crawls, Leg Swings etc

The Exercises

  • Exercise 1: 60s Walking Lunges
  • Exercise 2: 30s Single Leg Glute Bridge Left
  • Exercise 3: 30s Single Leg Glute Bridge Right
  • Exercise 4: 60s Delts 6 Ways
  • Exercise 5: 60s Triceps Dip
  • Exercise 6: 60s Squat Burpee
  • Repeat All x 5 Rounds

Total Time = 20 Minutes

Cool down

Five to 10 minutes cardio, such as walking, running or cycling of to bring your heart rate back down to normal resting. Then perform static stretching for all of the major muscle groups for both upper and lower body, i.e., quads, hamstrings, chest, back and arms.

The Workout

1. Walking Lunges

Place a dumbbell or weight in each had if you desire. The first movement is to take a big step forward, causing you to lean forward at the hip. Leaning forward the entire time, press through the heel and power into your next lunge, staying in a straight line. Keep your head and chest up. Make sure to not go too fast and keep control by thinking of the muscles you are using. This is called the mind-muscle connection. Repeat for the entire 60 seconds.

2. Single-Leg Glute Bridge (Left And Right)

Sit on the ground with your upper back against the floor, with your knees bent, place one foot on the bench in front of you. Lift the other leg and keep it straight. Squeeze your glutes as you raise your pelvis high enough off the floor to create a straight line between your knees, hips, and shoulders. Pause for one second at the top before lowering. Repeat for both right and left legs for 30 seconds each.

3. Delt Lifts

Sit on the bench with arms at your sides. Perform a lateral raise and pause. Then bring the arms across the body to the front of the body and pause. Keeping the back straight and the core tight, raise the arms straight above your head and pause. Return to the beginning by doing the reverse of each movement. Make sure to perform this exercise slow and controlled. Repeat for the entire 60 seconds.

4. Tricep Dips

Begin by sitting on the bench. Place your hands on the outsides of your hips. Walk your feet out to a comfortable distance so that your hips can drop just in front of the bench. Bend your elbows, keep your back straight and perform a dip. Make sure to move slow and controlled. Repeat for the entire 60 seconds.

5. Squat Burpee

These are performed like a regular burpee with one difference. Instead of jumping straight up you jump into a squat position. Begin in a high plank position with your back straight. Jump your feet towards your hands. Land in a squat position and mae sure to stay in a low squat. Also make sure to keep your heels on the ground. Return to starting plank position and repeat continuously for the entire 60 seconds.