60-Minute, High-Impact Pump And Jump Workout

You only have an hour, but you want to do it all – cardio, plyometrics, legs, arms and core. It seems like you’re always running out of time, and something inevitably gets left out.

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Not to worry: Here’s a one-of-a-kind, total-body workout that mixes weight training and high-impact cardio all in one. Behold, Pump And Jump!

For this workout, you will need a step, free weights and a mat. It’s best performed in a studio setting, so you have plenty space to move around. You’ll finish feeling satisfied and proud of how much you have accomplished in only one hour.

The workout targets a different muscle group for each song. Obviously, some songs are longer than others, but each muscle group is targeted for around 6 to 7 minutes each.

This routine utilizes unique counting techniques for the weight training exercises to maximize effort and time. For instance: 3 count = 3 seconds down and 1 second up. 2 count = 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up, and singles = one second down, one second up. The consecutive reps exhaust the targeted muscle and produce the max effort in less time, while the 30 to 45 second cardio intervals spike your heart rate and burn fat.

The trick to this workout is intensity. Pick a few different sized free weights and challenge yourself to lift heavier (but making sure you’re executing proper technique — that’s most important). The weight exercises act as an active recovery, so you go straight from the cardio portion into the weightlifting exercise. BUT, you can fit in a 10 second rest between exercises, if needed. With the cardio portion, think faster, higher, harder. If the 45-second cardio seems unattainable, start with 30 seconds on followed by a 15-second rest. Each time you do this workout, try to reach that 45-second mark.

It’s very important to not skip the warm up and cool down. If jogging isn’t your thing, feel free to choose any other, low-impact cardio exercise to raise and lower your heart rate, such as the stair machine, row machine, elliptical etc. And DON’T skip stretching once you’re finished! If you have time stretch for longer, it will help release the lactic build up and avoid injury.

To help remember the exercises, take a screen shot or save the infographic on your phone – take a peek in-between songs when you’re gearing up for the next track.

Lastly, enjoy and work towards constant progress. There are always ways to challenge and see changes in yourself!