Quads On Fire: Feel The Burn With This Intense Leg-Day Workout

Looking for a killer leg-day workout to add to your regular fitness routine? Look no further — this intense, 60-minute, lower-body circuit incorporates both cardio and weight training, which means your quads (and glutes, calves and hamstrings!) will really feel the burn.

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Begin with a five-minute treadmill jog paced around 6 to 7 mph. It’s very important that your muscles are warm prior to starting this workout in order to prevent injury. Then, transition into a five-minute sprint interval session with 30-second sprints (speed: 8.5-10mph) and 30-second jog (6mph).

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The workout itself is structured in different circuits that are comprised of two weight training exercises and one cardio to keep your heart rate up while strengthening your muscles. Each set targets a different muscle group so by the end that circuit the muscle group should feel exhausted.

There are four circuits in total, perform each circuit three times and rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit two more time. One you complete the circuit three times move on the next circuit.

Circuit 1 – Quads

  • Low Squats – 15 Reps
  • Squat and Press – 15 Reps
  • Jump Squat – 30 seconds
  • Rest 30 seconds

Circuit 2 – Quads / Hams

  • Sumo Squat – 15 Reps
  • Deadlift – 15 Reps
  • Burpee – 30 seconds.
  • Rest 30 seconds

Circuit 3 – Glutes

  • Glute Bridge – 15 Reps
  • Glute Kickbacks – 10 each leg
  • Mountain Climbers – 30 Seconds
  • Rest 30 seconds

Circuit 4 – Glutes, Hips, Hams and Quads

  • Walking lunges– 10 Reps Each side 1
  • Split Squat – 20 1
  • Lunge Jumps – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 30 seconds 1

Complete the workout with another sprint interval session this time continue for 10 minutes with 1-minute jog and 1-minute sprint intervals.

Cool down with a 5-minute low-impact jog or a brisk walk, and make sure to stretch completely once you are finished. Check out our highly recommended, lower-body stretch routine here.