The 30-Minute, HIIT Bosu-Ball Workout

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has successfully busted open the traditional “more is better” mentality of fitness. Add a Bosu Ball into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a seriously challenging, total-body workout that will improve your balance and sculpt every muscle in your body from head to toe.

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Here’s how it works. This 30-minute routine combines high-intensity Bosu Ball moves with low-intensity periods of “active recovery.” First, we’ll go through all the exercises so you’ve got them down-pat. Then, scroll down to follow the HIIT routine in order.

Ready? Here we go!

High Intensity Bosu-Ball Exercises

These exercises will get your heart pumping and multiple muscle groups working immediately!

Lateral Hop

Start by standing with the Bosu Ball to your right and your feet about shoulder-width apart. Your back should be straight and your legs slightly bent. Squat down slightly and jump to the right, landing softly with both feet on the Bosu Ball. Squat down slightly again and spring to the right again, off the Bosu Ball. Now do the same in reverse, jumping back onto the Bosu Ball and then beyond. Continue to alternate directions. Make sure to land with lots of spring in your knees.


Hold the Bosu Ball over your head with the flat part facedown. Placing the dome on the ground, jump back into a plank without letting go. Spring your legs forward and, still holding the Bosu Ball, jump up into the air, bringing the Bosu ball over your head.

Lunge Hop

Stand with your right foot behind you on a face-up Bosu Ball. Drop down into a lunge. Just before your knee hits the floor, jump up and switch legs, so your left foot is now on the Bosu Ball. Continue lunging, jumping and alternating.

Plyometric Push-Up

Begin in a pushup position with your hands gripping the edges of an upside-down Bosu Ball. Your hands should be below your shoulders and your elbows close to your body, feet hip-width apart. Keeping your back straight and core tight, straighten your arms. When your arms are straight, at the top of the movement, use your momentum to lift the ball from the floor. With control, come back down into a pushup. Repeat.


Start in a squat, feet a bit wider than shoulder length apart, turned out slightly. Your right foot should be on the face-up Bosu Ball. Now jump up and land on the other side of the ball, with your left foot resting on it. Land deep in a squat, and use your momentum at the bottom of the movement to jump back up. Continue alternating sides fluidly.

Moderate Intensity Bosu-Ball Exercises

You can use these as warm-up or recovery exercises before or after a HIIT workout.


Rest your forearms on the middle of a face-up Bosu Ball. Come up into a plank: feet shoulder-width apart, butt down, back straight, shoulders directly over elbows. Squeeze your glutes and keep your abs tight. Hold.


Lie down on a face-up Bosu Ball with your hips just beyond its edge. Let your hands gently support your head. As you exhale, curl your chest and shoulders toward your knees as you contract your abs. Hold for one second before returning to start position. Make sure your hips are still, and control your movements.

30-Minute HIIT Bosu-Ball Workout

Now here’s the plan: This 30-minute workout is made up of three 10-minute rounds. You’ll do each of the five high-intensity exercises above in succession and at high intensity. Follow each exercise with 30 seconds of an active recovery exercise (either planks or curl-ups) at moderate intensity. After the recovery, rest for 30 seconds. Then begin the next exercise.


Once you’ve completed the above set, begin on the next one right away. Repeat for a total of three sets, or 30 total minutes. Is your heart pumping yet?

Even though only half your workout time will be spent doing the high-intensity exercises, your heart will be working non-stop. The key to the effectiveness of HIIT training is giving it all your all during each exercise, and letting your body recharge before beginning another. When it’s all done, cool down with a slow jog, a few minutes on the elliptical, or by marching in place. And don’t forget to stretch!