6 Moves, One Wildly Effective, Butt-Sculpting Workout

Looking for a butt-sculpting workout that you can do in 15 minutes or less? This short, but wildly effective routine doesn’t even include any squats, lunges or deadlifts.  You heard that right. You can sculpt the buns of your dreams with just six moves.  Begin with a five to 10-minute warm up and then get ready to work that booty!

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1. Carving Curl

The carving curl is simple enough, and requires no more than a dumbbell, a yoga mat. Lying face down on the ground. Take a dumbbell behind your left knee and bend that knee while you flex the foot so you get a tight squeeze on that weight. Laying on your front, take your hands underneath your forehead, relax your shoulders, and from her push your pubic bone into the mat. Then, start to lift the left thigh off the mat without lifting your back (lift by squeezing your cheek).

Do two sets of 20 reps on each side.

2. Bend And Extend

Grab a chair for this move, which works the centre glutes. Step away from the chair and as you lean forward place your left hand on the seat of the chair and your right forearm on the back of the chair. Now soften the knees, point your left leg behind you and tuck your navel in. Now raise your left leg up, squeezing your glute the whole time, and flex the foot. Lift the leg 10 times in small pulses. After, take 10 mini-bend stretches. When you’re done with that, circle the leg around five times one way, and five times the other way. At the end it’s going to burn, but hold it up for five counts to finish. Don’t forget to repeat on the other side!

3. Slimming Swirl

Get off that chair, and move a little with this workout! You want your heels to come together, toes slightly apart. Take one hand to your hip and the other on a chair. Soften your knees and lift your heels two inches off the floor, but glue those heels together tightly. Now soften your knees deeply, and lift that chest up and open. Tuck your pelvis and squeeze your cheeks 10 times. After you’ve done 10 times, circle your hips to the right, still squeezing your cheeks every time you come forward with the tuck. Do 10 to the right, then 10 to the left, squeezing every time. Finish with coming centre, going a little lower, and finishing with 10 more tucks.

4. Clamshell

This exercise additionally hones in on and works your gluteus medius and minimus. We’ve all seen those hip abduction weight machines at the gym, but the Clamshell exercise is easy and doesn’t take fancy equipment. Start on the right side of your body down on the mat. Once you come down on the mat, make sure your knees are at a 45-degree angle. Lie down on your right side, resting your head on your right shoulder, keeping your left hand flat on the floor in front of you. Flex your feet, and lift your ankles up off the floor. Open that left leg up and lower it back down. Every time you open your thigh, try to squeeze your cheeks. Do 10 of those, finish and hold at the top, extend the top leg right at the knee and come back to your heels. Take 20 full extensions, keeping the knee totally still. After the 20th one, come back to the heels and press back with that top knee 10 times to finish. Be sure to repeat on the other side.

5. Fly Trap

Help further build up your waist-to-hip ratio, by targeting your obliques, while continuing to tone your glutes. Step away from a chair and lean forward at a 45-degree angle with your right hand on the chair. Soften your knees, point your left leg behind you and bring your left arm overhead. Raise your left leg up by squeezing your butt cheek and not allowing your back to arch. You want to do 10 taps back with the elbow. At the end, hold and do 20 continuous tapping towards that glute muscle. Then, hold for five counts and release. Repeat on the other side.

6. Hill Runs

Finish your glutes workout with a hill run. (Alternatively, you can use stairs.) Aim for two sets of 10 hill runs, or two sets of six flights of stairs. Increase the flights or sets depending on your fitness level.

Finish your workout with a cool down.