How Drinking Turmeric Tea Benefits Your Health

Turmeric is a bright orange-yellow spice and medicinal herb, seen in almost every household’s pantry. Isn’t it funny how your pantry can solve many of your health problems?

I mean, who would have thought that this spice, used in curries and sauces, has medicinal properties as well. Chinese and Indians have been using this spice for ages as an herbal remedy for many of their health problems.

One of the easiest and popular ways of consuming turmeric spices is in the form of tea. The flavor is subtly tangy and quite appealing to the tongue and works as an antioxidant and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Let’s explore further as to what are the other ways in which turmeric does its magic.

1. Kills acne

It is quite a significant concern amongst the ladies of all ages. So, here is a quick fix for you all, including men. Adding turmeric in your diet is all you need to do because of its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. A cup of turmeric tea keeps the acne way, and it was right in my case!

2. Weight loss

This traditional spice helps in boosting the metabolism for good, which is an ideal outcome for those individuals who are keenly trying to lose and maintain their weight. Consuming turmeric tea every day is recommended as it aids in burning fat naturally and healthily. While doing so, it also provides the body with much-needed energy that it loses while you shed those extra kilos.

3. Anti-cancer

Turmeric has curcumin, which has a proven record of acting as an excellent anti-cancer agent. It plays quite an incredible role by suppressing the growth as well as the proliferation of cancer cells.  Moreover, it actively fights against colon, cervical, lung in addition to oral cancer.

Hence, it is an excellent idea to incorporate turmeric tea in your diet as you can then enjoy and reap the full benefits of curcumin.

4. Keeps the heart-healthy

To prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes means working on harmful cholesterol levels.

It will keep the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing if you consume it once a day. In turn, it will stop from any plaque forming in the arteries.

As a result, even the blood pressure remains under control and remains at a lower level. Furthermore, your heart remains pumping and in excellent shape as you age.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

While efforts are still in progress to know what exactly causes Alzheimer’s diseases, but turmeric can help in its prevention and healing. Once again, the credit here rests with curcumin found in turmeric in abundance. Turmeric tea is a perfect way to have your body get its due share of curcumin.

What turmeric does is that it reduces the synaptic marker loss and the accumulation of amyloid, which is what leads the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Fights stress and depression

The curcumin, once again, has the potential to prevent, heal, and regulate levels of mental problems like depression. It includes both mild depression and major depressive disorder (MDD).

Stress is part and parcel of a professional as well as academic life. Amidst all the chaos, we often forget spending time with ourselves. Hence, treating yourself with a cup of turmeric tea when you come back home after a long, tiring day is not only therapeutic but rejuvenating. It clears your head and makes you feel refreshed and energetic. After all, everyone deserves a break or two and some quality me-time, no?

To sum up, turmeric tea can be that perfect winter drink. Sip on it while you snuggle up in your bed and watch a movie!

However, there are some critical measures that everyone should take care of while having turmeric tea. First and foremost, too much intake can result in severe side effects, which include thinning of blood as well as increasing levels of acidity. Extreme acidity can lead to ulcers, so you better be careful!

Moreover, if you are someone who has gallbladder stones or are suffering from inflammation of the gallbladder, you should avoid having turmeric tea. Other than this, diabetic patients should and must consult with their doctors before having started drinking turmeric tea. It is because turmeric can lower the blood sugar levels way too much than it is needed. Similarly, pregnant women and breastfeeding mommies should maintain their distance from this tea.