7 Foods That Help Fight PMS

It’s five days before your period, and you are in emotional and physical misery. We’re talking cramps, bloating and discomfort. Ugh.

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PMS happens to most women at one point during their lives, if not on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. Research suggests that proper nutrition can help alleviate PMS symptoms. These seven foods have been proven to help with PMS so that your next hormone-fuelled roller coaster is a bit more bearable.

1. Salmon

High in important minerals, Omega 3s and vitamin D, salmon is an excellent protein choice during that time of the month. Vitamin D has been proven to lower the risk of PMS by over 30 per cent, and several studies have concluded that it plays an integral role in a woman’s hormonal road map.

2. Greek Yogurt

A great snack or side to any meal, Greek yogurt contains calcium, which may help keep you from a PMS downward spiral. A woman’s calcium level fluctuates before, during and just after her menstrual cycle. Meanwhile, consuming an 8-ounce portion of yogurt provides 25 per cent of your daily requirement for calcium. Make sure to pair it with vitamin D-rich foods, as vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium; combine these two together for a powerhouse of PMS-smashing results. Bam. 

3. Bananas

Stop monkeying around and eat your protein-and-vitamin-rich bananas. Bananas are chockfull of potassium, which is essential in preventing water weight gain and bloating. A banana every day during the time of your cycle may help you to reduce the amount of pre-menstrual fluid retention so that you can button your jeans.

4. Eggs

No longer the cholesterol monsters they were once made out to be, eggs are making a comeback on the nutritional list of foods good for you. Eggs tackle the symptoms of PMS with rich sources of vitamins E, B6 and D. These are some of the vitamins that control how chemicals are released in the brain, including the hormonal chemicals associated with PMS. Choose free-range, organic eggs for a healthier version. Hard-boiled, over-easy, in your favorite salad, or poached; however you fix them, say bye-bye to PMS.

5. Chamomile Tea

You can’t go wrong with a cup of tea for beating the blues. We recommend soothing chamomile tea, which is caffeine-free and can help to reduce irritability and anxiety, and will also help soothe any cramping. Find a relaxing spot, a cozy blanket and enjoy a sip while riding out the week.

6. Blah-Blasting Broccoli

A cruciferous vegetable, the green goodness of broccoli has so many health benefits that it should be a pantry staple all month long. It’s a toxin-fighter and doesn’t bloat — whip up a complete meal of grilled salmon and a side of roasted broccoli drizzled with olive oil for the perfect anti-PMS meal.

7. All-Natural Nut Butter

PMS cravings call for something creamy and comforting. Spread a tablespoon off your favourite natural peanut butter onto toast, a banana or with apple slices for the perfect snack. Peanut butter contains beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol that is known to regulate cortisol, which is thought to help balance PMS hormones to a normal level.

Above all else, try your best to avoid junk food – salty chips, sodas, sugar-laden confections. Be diligent and do not give into cravings, and avoid caffeine, if possible. Keep your pantry stocked with the right foods and you can avoid weight gain and jitters due to PMS binge eating.

For further estidance, consult with your health care provider or gynecologist.