13 Best Fruit Cake Recipes, Just In Time For The Holidays

Okay, so fruit cake isn’t exactly a plate of baked chicken breast and raw veggies — but it’s not exactly a bacon cheeseburger, either. As far as the occasional treat is concerned, a slice of this holiday favourite certainly won’t break your diet. (And hey, at least it has fruit, right?)

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The holidays are all about indulging and partaking in family rituals, and fruit cake is a tradition in many households. If you’re going to go ahead and treat yourself (and your loved ones), you may as well do it up right — no dry, chalky fruit cakes allowed.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best fruit cake recipes to try this holiday season.

1. White House Fruitcake

If it was good enough for Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, then it has to be something special. White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier, who served leaders for 25 years, created this fruit cake recipe, and tells the New York Times in 1985 that it tastes “even better the second year.” (Recipe from Cooking.NYTimes.com)

2. Rhubarb, Oat And Cinnamon Loaf

This recipe is kid-friendly, so if you’re not a fan of fruit cake, this might be right up your alley. It’s a European-style cake that includes oats instead of nuts, which is perfect to bring to school when there is a no-nut policy. (Recipe from TheGuardian.com)

3. Easy Fig And Ale Christmas Cake

Most fruit cakes need time for the flavours to fully develop, but this is a last-minute recipe that comes out moist, rich and dark. Teetotalers, though, might want to give this one a pass. Stout is a thick, dark beer, which is a main ingredient. (Recipe from TheGuardian.com)

4. A Fruit Cake for Those Who Hate Fruitcakes

If you’re not a fan of this decadent treat, you no longer have to worry about FOMO with fruit cakes. This one is really good. You won’t need to recycle it as a gift or suddenly remember the carb-content to get your way out of having to eat a slice. (Recipe from Articles.LATimes.com)

5. A Less Disturbing Fruitcake

Fruit cakes for those who detest the dessert is becoming an Instagram and Pinterest-worthy trend. This recipe is a nice compromise, created so that traditional fruit cakes don’t become extinct, while cleaning up the ingredients list from your store-bought varieties. Think of this as your clean-eating cake. (Recipe from ChicagoTribune.com)

6. Christmas Fruitcake

This recipe promises to give you some creative space in the kitchen. You can vary the proportions of fruits, nuts, egg, flour and butter batter. (Recipe from Cooking.NYTimes.com)

7. Perfect Christmas Cake

For the traditionalists, this one is best, especially when made at least a year in advance — but you don’t have to wait that long for delicious results. (Recipe from TheGuardian.com)

8. Cast-Iron Skillet Fruit Cake

Leave it to Martha Stewart to revamp the traditional recipe. Not only does the skillet give everyone a bit more of that rich crust for every slice, it’s also made with tart fruits like peaches, cherries, apples, pears and berries. (Recipe from MarthaStewart.com)

9. Fruitcake Muffins

Trying to keep your portion sizes in check? Try this fruit-cake muffin recipe. It’s made with port, which can be made with water or club soda (one to two parts) and a lemon wedge for a bit of vitamin C. (Recipe from TheGlobeAndMail.com)

10. Granny’s Cake

The best recipes are the ones that have been handed down and passed around. This one finds its way to us via a granny’s grandchild’s old neighbor. How cute is that? (Recipe from BBC.co.uk)

11. Bee’s Bakery’s Perfect Christmas Cake

What makes this cake yet another “perfect” fruit cake? The creators call it a lighter, tastier and spongier version of the holiday treat. The fruits are plump and actually chewable! (Recipe from JamieOliver.com)

12. Chocolate Fruit Cake

Genius! Chocolate is just what the doctor ordered to elevate your fruit cake. Nigella doesn’t disappoint with this dump-the-ingredients-into-a-bowl-and-stir recipe. Plus, it’s just so pretty with berries garnished on top before serving. (Recipe from Nigella.com)

13. Best Ever Fruit Cake

When a British newspaper calls a fruit cake recipe the “best ever” you know it’s serious business. The secret: Get your dried fruit from a health food store. (Recipe from Telegraph.co.uk)