Why You Should Never, Ever Skip Breakfast

You’re running late for work (again), so you rush out the door without eating breakfast (again). Does this sound like you?

Breakfast is often dubbed as “the most important meal” because it replenishes your body’s natural energy reserves and sets the pace for the rest of the day. Eating breakfast not only improves your mental alertness and concentration, but it also encourages the consumption of healthy food choices as the day goes on.

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Eating breakfast can help you lose weight, boost energy levels and heighten mental acuity. But how bad is skipping breakfast, really?

Weighty Worries

You may think that skipping breakfast saves you from unnecessary calories and therefore, weight gain, but it turns out that the opposite is actually true. People who are accustomed to skipping breakfast daily are more likely to suffer from obesity and obesity-related health problems than those who are committed breakfast eaters. Indeed, eating a healthy breakfast every morning can help you lose weight and keep it off, as it diminishes the need to snack on sugary, fatty foods later on.

In one study, researchers found that people who consumed breakfast daily had lower levels of glucose in their blood compared to those who skipped breakfast; high blood glucose levels have been linked to an increased risk of obesity and diabetes. Skipping breakfast enhances your system’s response to insulin, which leads to fat storage and an increase in weight gain. Both of these effects make the individual more liable to become obese and suffer from obesity related health risks such as sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases.

Low Energy

This is one of the most obviously visible effects of skipping breakfast. Missing out on breakfast leaves you feeling lethargic and tired throughout the day. A healthy breakfast gives your natural energy reserves a much-needed boost, providing an adequate supply of energy to perform physical activities and keep your brain sharp. This is both good news for your day job and if you’re doing a workout later in the day.

Mood Swings

Skipping breakfast may lead to irritability and a bad moods. Having coffee instead of breakfast might work as a short fix, but you’re not doing your body any favours, because once the caffeine wears off, you’ll experience the inevitable “crash,” including headaches, fatigue and crankiness. Moreover, skipping breakfast also leads to lower concentration levels and poor performance. An unhappy metabolism leads to an unhappy mind, and they combine to make for a very cranky person.

Whether you’re trying to save time or cut calories, there are simply no real benefits (yet a lot of negative consequences) to skipping breakfast. Listen to your body, acknowledge the importance of healthy breakfast and do yourself a favour by making breakfast a part of your daily routine.