Different sizes of Mattress & How it Affects Your Sleep Cycle

You already know that there are many different sizes of mattress available and you should find the perfect fit for yourself. There are different types available as well such as hybrid, memory foam etc. so instead of getting confused with the types, let’s just first decide the perfect size for you. King mattress size​ is different from that of a Queen mattress. So, you should be aware of proper sizes that would help you make an apt decision.

Different Sizes & How They Differ

  • Twin XL or Single XL

These mattresses are longer as compared to Twin mattress. The bed should be of at least 10×8 square feet in size to perfectly fit the mattress of this size. The size is perfect for children between 2-12 years of age and guest rooms.

  • Double or Full

The mattress is 53 inches wide and 75 inches long. These are best for single sleepers who need more space in width but doesn’t require much length. Larger than single beds but not double beds. It has dimensions of 54×75 inches.

  • Queen

Best for couples who like sleeping close to each other. Such beds can help you have extra space in the room for furniture and walking around in the room. It has dimensions of 60×80 inches. Larger rooms give you the option of either having a big bed or a comparatively smaller one with extra space left for other things.

  • King

A single person who wants to enjoy a royal sleep or a couple who likes to sleep with extra comfy space available should opt for this size. It has a dimension of 76×80 inches. The recommended size of the room to fit in such beds is 13 feet into 13 feet.

Best adjustable base beds are also an option available nowadays so that you can have beds of different sizes at different points of time. Single size doesn’t fit all and people have different needs and preferences. So, mattresses are available for everyone and you can easily choose from a large variety available.

Other options

The above mentioned are some of the most common sizes preferred by most people. However, there are some exceptional sizes available as well that can be chosen by the people. They are –

  • Twin or Single – These are smaller beds with a dimension of 38×75 inches that are ideal for guest rooms or children below 10 years of age. Rooms, where siblings sleep these beds, can be used as a personal one for each.
  • Crib – Ideal for toddlers up to 2 years of age. These are a small bed that can fit in almost any room. You can make a nursery for your kid by placing this bed there along with extra space left for rocking chair, carpet area etc.
  • California King – Largest sizes of beds that would give the couple a royal sleep. Enough space is left even if the couple sleeps with their pet. With a dimension of 72×84 inches, large rooms are required to fit this bed.

Comfort home furnishing​ options are available in a wide variety. You will have to make a proper decision to enjoy comfy beds with extra space for stretching arms and legs.