7 Amazing Benefits Of The Bulgarian Split Squat

When it comes to strengthening your lower body and building better glutes (all while avoiding strain or injury), few exercises get the job done like Bulgarian split squats.

If you’re impatient and are eager to see quick muscle gains, you’ll love this move. Here are some of the Bulgarian split squat benefit you should know about.

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1. Added Knee Stability And Balance

Apart from giving you massive gains, the Bulgarian split squat adds an element of balance development to your workout. Most lower-body workouts simply build strength, but ignore this crucial aspect. Because this is a one-legged exercise, the Bulgarian split squat forces you to engage multiple muscle groups at once to achieve balance, thereby improving your coordination and balance overall.

2. No Spotter Needed

Most compound exercises, like barbell squats, require a spotter to reduce the risk of injury. But Bulgarian split squats are best done with dumbbells and don’t require a spotter. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re opting for a barbell-weighted split-squat, it’s highly recommended that you enlist the help of a spotter or use a Smith machine to be on the safe side.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

Because Bulgarian squats require little equipment, they can be done anywhere, any time, even without free weights. All you need is your own bodyweight and a raised platform to make things happen. One thing to keep in mind, however, is once you begin performing more than 20 reps, you won’t be adding any more size or strength; you’ll most likely be toning and adding definition. It all depends on your goals, so if you’re squatting for size, consider adding a barbell or dumbbells to your Bulgarian split squat and lowering the number of reps.

4. Reduced Risk Of Injury

Bulgarian split squats are great for strengthening your ligaments and muscle tissues, which will in turn make athletic injuries less likely to occur. The added stability and balance of the bench means you can ensure your knees are tracking correctly and that you are never overextending yourself or causing undue stress on your joints.

5. Torch Fat Faster

Adding Bulgarian split squats to your routine will help you torch fat much faster than if you were simply jogging on the treadmill. That’s because the fastest way to burn fat is to build muscle, and Bulgarian split squats do just that— especially since they build strength from the ground up, targeting the largest and most powerful muscle groups in the body (quads, hamstrings and glutes). Studies show that your body will burn up to 70 calories more each day for every additional pound of muscle you gain.

6. Sculpted Abs

Think abs don’t have anything to do with squats? Think again. Bulgarian split squats work your core without you even realizing it, as your core is automatically engaged as you aim to stabilize with each rep. Plus, the more fat your burn, the more likely you are to shed weight all over and reveal those sculpted ab muscles underneath.

7. Glorious Glutes

If you want glorious glutes, the Bulgarian split squat is your best friend. Add these squats to your routine, and you’ll start to see massive gains within two months. There aren’t many workouts that will lift and sculpt your glutes quite like this tried-and-true exercise.