How One Man Transformed His Body In Just 12 Weeks

A 31-year-old financial trader has completely transformed his body in just 12 weeks, going from “regular joe” to bona fide fitness model.

Over the course of three months, Ahmed Nassar from London, U.K, lost more than 60 per cent of his body fat, dropping from 196 to 168 pounds, while beefing up on muscle and sculpting enviable six-pack abs.

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Before his fitness journey, Ahmed, who is recently married, led an active lifestyle and was in pretty good shape. Still, he was struggling to reach his goal; he wanted to look more like the cover models seen on Men’s Health magazine.

The enviable “after” shot.

“I was always in decent shape and my level of fitness was always good,” he said. “I knew how to get lean, walking around with 14 to 16 per cent body fat but never managed to get to single-digit body fat levels.”

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Unable to bust out of his plateau, Ahmed decided it was time to bring in the experts. He met with a personal trainer, who gave him a personalized fitness plan and also transformed his diet.

Breakfast: Porridge with berries, large Caffè Latte Breakfast: Three-egg omelette, smoked salmon and half an avocado
Lunch: Pasta salad with chicken breast/sandwich with some other source of protein Lunch: A source of protein (chicken, beef etc), lots of vegetables
Dinner: Steak or fish with vegetables and a portion of rice Dinner: Similar to lunch, with a portion of rice (on workout days)
Snacks: Fruit, chocolate bar, chips, pre- and post-workout drinks Snacks: Replaced with two mini meals, which included a source of lean protein and vegetables


“I always thought I had a healthy diet, but then when I was taught how to work with my diet to get both the right macro- and micronutrients in my body, this was when I started to see real change,” said Ahmed, who admits that the biggest game changer was his new meal plan, rather than his exercise regime.

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Although his previous eating habits were relatively healthy, he still ate too many carbohydrates and sweets to see the results he wanted. Thus, his trainer devised a new eating plan, which involved eating more meals a day and cutting carbs and snacks.

Ahmed has since dropped to a body fat level of 6 per cent, and is thrilled with his new physique.

“It’s never easy to do these sorts of transformations and you have to rely on the support of the people around you,” he said.

So inspiring!