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Motivation, inspiration, excitement and relaxation are key pillars to living your best life. Here, we show you how to de-stress and ward off negativity as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

5 Tips to Eat to Reduce Inflammation, Feel GREAT and Stay Strong!

Inflammation is part of your body’s natural healing system. So, why would you want to reduce it, and how does reducing it help you feel great? Inflammation (swelling) is meant to help fight against infection and injury. However, sometimes an inflammatory response can be triggered by the immune system trying to fight a non-existent infection or injury. When this happens, the cells which are meant to protect us, start to attack by destroying healthy organs, joints, and arteries. A misfiring inflammatory response is often caused by too much stress, not eating healthily, not getting enough exercise, or a combination of ... Read more

Top 8 Recovery Gadgets That Can Help You Relax After A Tough Workout

We all want to look amazingly cool and fit, don’t we? Working out is undoubtedly the best option we all have to remain physically healthy and fit. However, after a severe and tough workout session, we all need to relax and give our body a space to reactivate itself. Do you know how to relax your body after an aggressive workout session? Well, listed below are the gadgets you should need to know as a fitness enthusiast to relax and recover your body: 1.   Innovative NeckSaver Pro Neck Stretcher Pillow The neck is one of the areas where a huge ... Read more

What to Expect When You’re Going to the Gym with a Hangover

What happens when your fitness goals and social life collide? Well, sometimes the answer is a hangover at the gym. We’ve all been there, and it’s never fun. But if this is your first time around this particular block, you may not know what to expect. Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to cover exactly what to expect when you’re going to the gym with a hangover. Dehydration Let’s get started with the elephant in the room: Dehydration. If you drank enough to feel bad the next day, you’re going to be dehydrated. Drinking ... Read more

What Happens If I Am Injured at The Gym- Legal Repercussions

In 2020, it is important that we stay fit. Many of us are just emerging from lockdown with far more ‘roundness’ than we are used to and so, in turn, people are flocking to the gyms to get pre-lockdown fit again. But, staying fit does come with some big repercussions should you obtain an injury at the gym. That leads us to our first question. If you were to obtain an injury at the gym, what legal repercussions do you face? When you sign up to a gym, you sign some paperwork, receive your access, sign some more paperwork, and ... Read more

How to Use Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

Essential oils have been in use for centuries for medicinal, spiritual, and other purposes. Extracted from plants, these oils contain the “essence” of that plant. You’ve probably seen essential oils on the shelves at your local grocery or department store, or even online. While there isn’t an abundance of clinical evidence to suggest that essential oils serve any real medical purpose, anecdotal evidence from across several centuries suggests they can be used for all manner of ailments and for general wellbeing. Some people even use essential oils to help ease the smoking cessation process. In combination with tobacco free chew ... Read more

How a Healthy Sex Life and Good Sleep Go Hand in Hand

Many can relate to the relaxed, sleepy, and contented feeling you have after a satisfying evening of intimacy with your partner. And, as it turns out, this feeling of sleepiness and relaxation after sex may lead to overall sleep benefits. Read on to learn just how a healthy sex life can improve your sleep, and vice versa. Sleep promoting hormones When you have sex before sleep, your body tends to release a cocktail of relaxing chemicals, including oxytocin (the “love” hormone), prolactin, dopamine, progesterone, and estrogen in women. In addition to releasing these relaxing chemicals after sex, your body also ... Read more

The Benefits of the DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Procedure

A mastectomy can take a major toll on a patient’s confidence, and many women struggle with self-image issues after undergoing that procedure. If that sounds like your own situation, then you might want to take a closer look at DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery. That advanced procedure allows surgeons to safely restore the appearance of a patient’s breast with their own fat and skin, and it can produce amazing results. Here is a quick look at just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider this cutting-edge DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery and what you can expect ... Read more

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening And How It Works?

Teeth whitening procedures have become extremely popular in recent times. Patients who feel self-conscious about their smile due to their teeth being stained or darker tend to opt for such procedures to whiten their teeth. It helps improve their overall confidence and makes them look younger. A teeth whitening procedure that has hit the headlines is Zoom teeth whitening. What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening? Zoom teeth whitening is a bleaching process which is performed to lighten the discoloration of dentin and enamel. Per My Dentist San Francisco website, “The powerful, prescription-strength whitening gels are available in varying strengths depending on ... Read more

How to Grow Hair After Chemo Fast

About 65% of individuals who go through chemotherapy experience hair loss. If this is the case for you, you are not alone. Many chemo patients deal with hair loss, so there are a lot of tips out there that can help you grow your hair back in a healthy manner. Read on to learn about how to grow hair after chemo quickly. Prevent Damage If you want to grow hair after chemo you need to prevent as much damage as possible. This may be the most important tip you can follow. Take anything out of your old hair routine that ... Read more

How to stay safe and sanitary at the gym – Wear a mask

You may be planning to hit the gym again to get back into shape after months of lockdown. But like all other public places, gyms are also not out of the list of the affected areas. And this ongoing pandemic situation is a huge reminder about the fact of how important it is to follow cleanliness and perform the hygienic rituals to stay safe and maintain a healthy surrounding. That’s why you need to take some of the precautions to keep yourself safe from the touch of COVID-19: Wear a mask: As we all know about this “new normal” trend, ... Read more

Learn how North Sydney Dentistry Can Make Your Life Better

Dental health has grown in importance over the years as people have realised that maintaining the functionality and appearance of teeth is crucial for living a fuller and happier life. People practice good oral hygiene habits and take various preventive steps to keep their teeth in top condition. Along with teeth, people also take care of gums and other parts of their mouth. Therefore, the importance of dentistry has also increased. Several treatments in varied branches of dentistry are aimed at ensuring excellent dental health for people of all ages. The growth in North Sydney dentistry is proof of the ... Read more

7 Kitchen Items That Could Help You To Improve Your Health

You might be looking for a radical change to your lifestyle or diet. Perhaps you just want to make a few small changes that improve your everyday life without impacting on your time or finances or maybe you just want to eat better. There are a lot of gadgets and small kitchen appliances out there that promise all sorts of benefits and not all of them deliver. This isn’t to say they don’t all have a purpose, it may just be they are not giving you the benefits promised or you find you are not using them enough. Here are ... Read more

Ways To Handle Negativity In Social Media For Mental Peace

Gone by the days when you need to go out of your home to socialize. Now, all you have to do is access the internet, log in to your social media account and voila, you can speak with your family and friends in an instant. Social media has been an efficient and effective way for people to talk and communicate. Wherever they are in the world, they can connect to anyone they like. Hence families should not worry if they need to go separate ways, as contacting each other has never been so easy. But even how good the purpose ... Read more

Proton Therapy: a breakthrough in cancer treatment

Cancer is a disease when the cells in your body divide turbulently and it spreads through the tissues surrounding it. There are two kinds of cancer, malignant, wherein it can spread uncontrollably, and benign, that is harmless and does not have any effects. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in 2017, with 599,108 deaths in the United States. Over the years, the treatment for different types of cancer develops over time. For example the traditional radiation therapy, transplants, surgeries, etc. However, there is another type of treatment for cancer ... Read more

6 Mental Health Benefits of Exercises You Need to Know

You are already aware of the many benefits of exercise to your body. But did you know that exercises are also good for your mental health? Exercises help in boosting your mood, improving your sleep, and help you in handling stress, anxiety, depression, and others. So, this article brings you the health benefits of exercises to your mental health. Here are 4 mental health benefits of exercises you need to know: Treat Depression Different studies show that exercises help in treating mild/moderate depression which makes it an active antidepressant medicine. Best of all, it doesn’t have side effects like the ... Read more