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Meal planning requires time and effort, but it’s worth it when it comes to your health. Follow these tips to ensure meal prep success.

What Kinds of Alternative Treatments Are There for Bulimia Nervosa?

What Kinds of Alternative Treatments Are There for Bulimia Nervosa? According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 1.0 percent of young women and 0.1 percent of young men will experience some form of bulimia nervosa in their lifetimes, most often in their early adulthood. People with this dangerous and sometimes fatal disorder enter traditional treatment programs quite often, but there are several alternative forms of therapy available as well. Here, we’ll break down some of these alternative forms of therapy that can be beneficial for treating bulimia nervosa, many of which can be included in a comprehensive bulimia nervosa treatment ... Read more

What Is Selective Eating Disorder and How Can It Be Treated?

Characterized by a compulsion to only eat certain types of food, selective eating disorder is not simply being a “picky eater” but instead is a psychological disorder that can result in nutritional imbalance or even malnutrition in extreme cases. While pickiness is common in most small children and infants, teenagers and adults who continue eating only very few types of food may need to seek selective eating disorder treatment to overcome this disorder. Currently, selective eating disorder (SED) is not a widely known eating disorder, but it is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder IV. Also ... Read more

What Can You Do If Someone Refuses Help for an Eating Disorder?

Despite the emotional and physical suffering that results from most eating disorders, many people are often reluctant to begin eating disorder treatment. Like with any kind of mental health disease, an eating disorder is likely to be a source of shame for the person suffering from it, and that can push them into hiding the issue or even denying it exists. This form of denial is often not a conscious choice, and a person’s receptivity to accepting help is often impacted negatively without their knowing it.  Can Someone Be Made to Enter Treatment? A disclaimer for this answer: all the ... Read more

6 Pro Tips For Meal-Prep Sundays

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Which Has More Calories? The Answer May Surprise You…

Two meal plans, one healthy and one unhealthy. But there's a catch.

Healthy Eating: 10 Easy Tips For Sticking To A Healthy Diet

Living a healthy lifestyle and making good food choices doesn’t have to feel like a time-consuming chore. In fact, eating right can be easy with these 10 stress-free ideas.