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Give yourself a health boost with these nutrient powerhouses.

Health Benefits of Ecklonia Cava: Is It The New ‘Superfood’?

Would you consider taking a form of brown seaweed to benefit your health? That’s what millions of Japanese people are consuming on a regular basis who also happen to have the longest human life expectancy in the world. Coincidence or not, the scientific research is just coming out and one form of edible brown seaweed is leading the charge – Ecklonia Cava. Ecklonia cava, or brown algae, is a superfood boasting many antioxidants and other wellness-boosting compounds, capable of treating everything from diabetes to hair loss and inflammation. But what is it, and can it really deliver everything that it ... Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Greens First-The Super Food

Natural dietary supplements have gained popularity all around the globe due to their numerous health benefits. These supplements add the missing vitamins and minerals to your diet and boost the results of the existing ones without any harmful side effects. These supplements can be broadly classified into three main categories- Vitamin and mineral supplements- These supplements are consumed when there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in regular food intake. They benefit people who have a strict low-calorie diet, pregnant women, women who breastfeed, and people suffering from malabsorption problems. Supplements for calories- Supplements rich in calories are often ... Read more

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