woman weight loss without surgery

Meet The Woman Who Lost 100 Pounds In 9 Months (Without Surgery)

Jul 22, 2016 //

At her heaviest, she weighed 254 pounds, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her today.

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Kate Writer, 25, has shed more than 115 pounds in just nine months and she did it all without surgery.

She had always been a “bigger girl,” but Kate says she really began to put on weight after meeting her fiancé, Nick Jones. The couch-bound lovebirds shared a mutual love of fast food, chocolates and McDonalds, and slowly, Kate ballooned.

“We’d eat takeaways most nights and before I knew it, my weight had shot up,” she said.

I had to dig pretty deep to find this before photo! ? I was always kind of strategic with photos when I was overweight-I tried to keep my poses as “flattering” as possible, I tried to “suck in” and I just deleted pictures as soon as I saw them after a night out. Sure, I didn’t love seeing myself in photos, but I was a confident girl who was never picked on because of her weight…I knew I was “big” and I really didn’t let it get to me. – I am definitely still the same girl with the same outgoing personality, but I now have a real zest for life, I am way less self conscious, I have more energy, I can buy “normal” clothes, I am strong, I am fit and I am truly happy. – Sure I still have my moments when I feel chubby, flabby and heavy but pictures like this put everything in perspective. This is achievable for every single one of you! There are no quick fixes or magic products that will get these results. It takes plenty of exercise, good nutrition, constant motivation and a willingness to put in the hard yards in order to see change. – Tag someone who needs some motivation and show that that it can be done ????

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After experiencing painful swollen ankles and crippling pain from standing at work all day, Kate decided she’d had enough. It was time to change her lifestyle.

“By 21, I was 120 kg (265 pounds) and wearing a size 20. I was so overweight it hurt to stand up at work and that’s when I realized I had a problem,” she said.

Determined to drop the weight, Kate completely transformed her diet and began an intense exercise regime that included Crossfit.

I’m a little late but I CANT BELIEVE I HIT 20k !!! ??? . I didn’t start this Instagram to get thousands of followers, or to stress about how many likes my photos get…I started this account to HELP people! to show you that weightloss is possible and that you can go from flab to fab and gain a whole lot of confidence along the way. you CAN achieve anything you want, you CAN love yourself and you CAN live the life you’ve always dreamed of. I started this account to empower, motivate and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle and to finally be happy with who they are. we all need to stop wishing and start working towards the things we actually want and if I can push just one person to do that, then my account has been a success ?? so huge huge huge hugs go out to every single one of you ? your messages, your comments and your support means so much to me, and I really am so thankful to be able to share my journey and progress with all of you ?

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The 25-year-old is now a fitness fanatic, training for up to two hours a day and recently qualifying as a PE teacher.

In addition, her Instagram account @dedikated_lifestyle has garnered more than 60,000 followers, who turn to Kate for inspiration and motivation.

“I want to help inspire other women to change their ways,” she says. “And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.”