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5 Easy Ways to Improve Lung Health

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Lung Health

Improving Lung Health: The Natural Way

Never underestimate the importance of your lungs! These internal organs play a mammoth role in the normal functioning of your system and help to keep your body healthy. It is through the lungs that oxygen from the air is transferred to the blood circulatory system, and carbon dioxide is expelled from the body system. Why is lung health a matter of concern? Everyday your lungs are exposed to countless substances which are harmful and detrimental to your health. These include cigarette smoke, vehicular smoke, toxins and allergens. By paying attention to improving your lung health, you can protect these vital organs from a number of highly debilitating and painful ailments ranging from Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Lung cancer.

While some of these diseases are potentially fatal, all of them cause great discomfort and make it highly difficult to go about routine tasks. Before you start associating improving lung health with complicated drugs and techniques, you should know that you can take matters into your own hands! All you need to achieve optimum lung health is to pay heed to the following simple, natural ways of improving lung health! The 5 Ways you can improve your lung health include;

  1. Sitting Straight
  2. Working Out
  3. Quit Smoking
  4. Vitamins
  5. Yoga Breathing

Ways to Improve Lung Health # 1 – Sit Straight

There was a reason why your parents chastised you for sitting with a hunched back! Slouching for long periods of time reduces the breathing capacity of your lungs. Your lungs take in less oxygen and expel a lesser quantity of the poisonous carbon dioxide. Be mindful of your posture at all times, you may have taken to slouching at your office desk or while doing assignments at home. The solution for this bad habit lies in taking a break every once in a while to perform some simple stretching exercises; stretch your back and rotate your shoulders for starters!

Ways to Improve Lung Health # 2 – Work out

Working out doesn’t only help you lose weight it also plays a role in improving lung health! Intense and vigorous work outs such as aerobics, running, zumba or swimming can do wonders for your breathing capacity! We recommend exercising at least one hour everyday!

Ways to Improve Lung Health # 3 – Quit Smoking

The fact that cigarette smoke in injurious to health is no secret. What you need to take note of are the consequences of firsthand and secondhand cigarette smoke, which include an increased level of the poisonous carbon monoxide in the bloodstream and high blood pressure issues. Avoiding secondhand cigarette smoke or quitting, leads to improved breathing capacity, better lung health and greater oxygen intake.

Ways to Improve Lung Health # 4 – Vitamins

What can vitamins do for your lung health? The all powerful super vitamin, vitamin C, is an exceptional antioxidant and is a ferocious fighter against substances that may harm the body including the lungs. Adequate vitamin C intake, whether it is through vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables or through supplements, helps to improve lung health and provides protection against harmful, disease causing environmental substances.

Ways to Improve Lung Health # 5 – Yoga Breathing

Pranayama, the art of deep breathing in yoga, is an excellent way to rejuvenate the lungs, enhance your lung capacity and improve lung health! Indulge in a 30 minute pranayama yogaworkout daily to improve your lung health and enhance the quantity of oxygen available to your body system!

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