60-Minute Killer Cardio And Core Workout

Dec 7, 2016 //

At the core of any healthy, fit physique is a strong core (pun intended) and great cardio conditioning.

Want to shred your midsection? While it’s impossible to spot reduce fat from any one area of the body, combining core exercises with high-intensity cardio intervals is a surefire way to burn belly fat and show off those sculpted ab muscles underneath.

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Killer Cardio And Core Workout:

This workout, while tough, is relatively straightforward. You’ll warm up with a jog, followed by sprint intervals. The intervals should consist of 1-minute regular speed followed by a 1-minute sprint. If this is too much for you, change it up to two minutes regular speed followed by a 30-second sprint. The intensity is totally up to you, so work at your level.

Then, you’ll get into some core work: Russian twists on the floor while holding a medicine ball (25 reps), followed by leg raises (25 reps), V-up crunches (25 reps) and a minute of planks.

Next, give your abs a break by getting into another round of sprint intervals (10 minutes).

For you final core circuit, you’ll do 25 bicycle crunches, 25 heel touches and finish with a 60-second plank. The circuit closes out with another sprint interval.

Take a moment to rest (no longer than a minute or two!), before starting the circuit over again, beginning with the ball Russian twists. Complete the whole circuit for total of three times, for a killer core workout that will reveal those flat, sculpted abs in no time.

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch when it’s all over!