7 Easy Tips For Working Out At Home

Aug 25, 2016 //

Working out from your home comes with many benefits — not only does it save you commute time, but it saves you money, too.

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Not sure how to get started on working out at home? Here are eight tips to help get you started on your home gym.

1. Choose The Right Space

The first step to creating your own home gym is picking the perfect space to work out. You don’t necessarily need a huge, empty room in your house to dedicate to a home gym; it may may be as simple as moving a coffee table out of the way, and transforming your den into a gym for an hour or two. You may want to consider using the space each time, so that your mind associates it with working out.

Be sure to consider things like ceiling height (for jumping), flooring (carpet or concrete?), and wall thickness (if you try to get your workout in while the baby is alseep, will you wake them?).

2. Come Up With A Schedule (And Stick To It)

When it comes to fitness, consistency and timing is important. (For example, doubling a family room as a workout room requires some time management skills.) Plan out your at-home workouts so that they’re regular and at times that fit best with you and your family’s schedule.

3. Invest In Proper Equipment

Just because you’re working out at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to the same basic, high-quality equipment that the gym provides. Yoga mats, medicine balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells and stability balls can help ramp up your workouts and are all easy to store.

4. Take Responsibility

Unlike outside gyms, the onus of working out is all on you. There are no classes to attend at a certain time, and there’s no one around to keep you motivated. Sticking to a regular schedule will help, but it will also take extra willpower to stick through your workouts until the end.

5. Don’t Break The Bank

One thing some people tend to do when first creating a home gym is go overboard. Chances are that your big, clunky exercise equipment — like that top-of-the-line treadmill or  an Xtreme Bowflex — won’t get used. Don’t feel pressured to make a state-of-the-art home gym. As long as your room is safe, spacious, and has all the basic equipment you need, that’s all that matters.

6. Use Technology

Technology has become a great source for fitness motivation and measuring progress. Don’t hesitate to take an iPad or TV into your home gym if you’re following a particular fitness routine. (Netflix has dozens of fitness DVDs you can stream from the comfort of your own home.) Also consider utilizing phone apps, which can measure your heart rate, caloric burn, steps taken, etc., to track your progress and help you reach your goals.

7. Make It Yours

Nobody wants to work out in a dark, depressing space. Try to give your workout space room some of your personality by personalizing it! Whether it be by painting the room a bright color, putting motivational stickers on the equipment, or putting up pictures of your family on the walls, these things will help to make you feel more comfortable and willing to work.

Working out at home isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t get into the zone without the mental mindset of going to a gym, or without a specific class to attend. But for those cold, winter months, or for new mothers with little ones at home, at-home workouts can be a godsend.Many people prefer the convenience and flexibility of a home gym,