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8 Health Benefits Of Pole Dancing

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8 Health Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is amazing for your physique. Perhaps it never crossed your mind, but pole dancing makes a great exercise. Pole dancing has become increasingly popular as an exercise and has even turned competitive.

What are some of the benefits of pole dancing?

With a regular pole dancing workout, exercise becomes much more fun and exciting. Many pick up pole dancing not just for the workout benefits, but because it’s a chance to exercise with friends and build self-confidence through training.

Here are just some of the benefits of pole dancing:

1. It’s An Intense Aerobic Exercise

Pole dancing counts as a moderate to intense aerobic training exercise. This means it benefits the body by promoting blood flow and raising the blood oxygen levels. If you practice this exercise for 30 minutes it also raises your body’s metabolic rate for a boost in energy. The more you practice, the healthier your heart and metabolism will be.

2. It Sculpts All The Muscles In Your Body

You’ll certainly feel it in the morning — and this is what every athlete strives for! If you are seeking an exercise that sculpts every muscle in the body, then you might want to try pole dancing. A pole dancing workout is not something sexy or associated with night clubs. It’s a seriously intense workout that engages muscles in ‘problem areas’ that you otherwise can’t seem to shake. This means that you’ll not only build a strong core, but every inch of your body is sculpted in the process.

3. Slims Your Body By Burning Calories Fast

You will start to see results as soon as you jump into pole dancing. Why? Because pole dancing for exercise is not just a total body workout, it’s also a slimming cardio routine. When you use your own body weight for resistance, you can expect to sculpt long lean muscles and even lose weight — and fast!

4. The Art Of Dancing Is Self-Empowering

Are you just too shy? Nonsense. Dancing beautifully provides a boost in confidence. If you want to break out of your shell, pole dancing may just work for you. It’s easy to learn the motions from others, but in time, you get to adapt to your own style. In a way, you begin to build your dancing style on emotion and incorporate your own moods into the motions. This helps you build self-assurance not just in your dance routine but in everyday life.

5. You’ll Be Less Stressed And Sleep Peacefully

After such an intense exercise, your stress levels will flat-line. What makes pole dancing such an amazing exercise is that all the physical exertion reduces stress and provides your body ‘feel good’ hormones that help you relax. For this reason, it’s great for people who feel anxious. If you first get over your fears of stepping outside your comfort zone, you’ll quickly realize that you feel more confident than ever. This means that after a pole dancing workout your body is ready for a rest, and it will be easier to fall asleep.

6. Improves Balance, Flexibility, And Athletic Dexterity

Most choose pole dancing for exercise because of the athletic benefits. What makes pole dancing so beneficial to athletic performance is that it promotes a well-rounded muscular foundation. Your joints will love the added flexibility, and your balance and dexterity improve through practice. If your back feels stiff, pole dancing will fix this and build core muscles for optimal athletic performance.

7. It Benefits Women During Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pole dancing is great for women who want to have children. It’s a form of resistance training that sculpts strong core muscles in the back and abdominal area to promote a healthier pregnancy and delivery. Not to mention, the better condition your body is in during pregnancy, the easier the recovery. Pole dancing is an amazing exercise for women who plan to have children, because it maintains the abs and back for painless childbearing.

8. You’ll Find that You Can Be Spontaneously Sexy

Pole dancing is not all sexy motions reserved for night clubs. There are three main modes of pole dancing — sport, art, and sexy. But once you master the art of pole dancing, you can then turn up the volume and add the irresistible allure. Most of those who practice pole dancing for exercise don’t really look at it as a ‘sexy’ dance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to bust a move. Pole dancing gives you the ‘know how’ and motions to become spontaneously sexy.

There are plenty of reasons to start pole dancing to improve your athletic performance and adopt a fun and exciting exercise style you can stick with.

Are you ready to start your own pole dancing workout? Then before you start, take a look at pole dancing for strength and fitness.



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