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Burn Calories At The Beach

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Burn Calories At The Beach

Are you a fan of the beach? Do you want to start getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle? Combine the two by participating in calorie-killing activities while at the beach! It does not take a specific routine to burn calories; calories burned at the beach could be in the hundreds if you just get out there and start having fun! Wondering how you can exercise to burn calories? Not so sure burning those calories off can be fun? Here are ten great way to burn calories at the beach!

1. Build A Sandcastle

Bring out your inner child and exercise burning calories at the beach by building a sandcastle! They key to burning calories is building your castle a distance from the water. This will force you to make numerous trips to the water and back, digging up and carrying sand. This means you will have leg and arm workout. This will have you burning off 100 calories an hour without making it seem like an intense workout!

2. Go Boogie Boarding

For those who are not familiar with boogie boarding, it is a sport in which is similar to surfing, but you can lie down on your stomach or knees in addition to standing. The difference is that this does not require as much balance to do it! This activity is fun, but can easily be considered a cardio workout due to the fact that you are using your whole body. You’ll easily have at least 200 calories burned at the beach per hour with this exercise!

3. Go For A Stroll

Not really feeling sandcastles or boogie boarding? That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with taking a simple walk along the shore! This may not seem like a huge deal or a significant beach exercise to burn calories at the beach, but you have to remember that walking on the sand is different from walking in the grass or on the pavement! The sand is loose which really challenges your balance and work out muscles that are typically left unoticed. You can plan to burn over 300 calories an hour this way!

4. Take A Run

If you want to pick things up a notch, try a nice jog or run on the beach! Just as with walking, running or jogging on the loose sand will really do a number on your muscles and coordination. And for an extra way to burn calories at the beach, run in deeper sand! Running can easily burn 350-400 calories an hour! So get moving!

5. Play Some Volleyball

Sports are always a great way to exercise burning calories on the beach! Without even noticing you are getting a nice, full-body workout you can burn tons of calories (from 300-400 per hour, to be exact) right along with your friends! So grab your volleyball, a net, and some friends and get to working off those calories!

6. Grab A Frisbee

Frisbee is a great workout for your shoulders and arms, as well as a great way to work on your balance and coordination. It may not be as intense as volleyball, but it can still be a nice way to get your body moving like it should! Playing this game for about an hour is a way to burn over 150 calories at the beach!

7. Walk The Dog

Did you know that there is a way to burn calories on the beach right alongside man’s best friend? Running or walking the dog may cause you to burn the same amount of calories as doing it without your pet, but the added strain of the dog running alongside you or ahead of you will give you an extra push to burn calories at the beach!

8. Start Snorkeling

Another great way to burn calories and have fun on the beach at the same time is by snorkeling! Snorkeling allows you to explore the ocean by swimming through the water, and water means workout! Just as with swimming, your entire body is working to move through the water. A 200-pound person who snorkels for only 30 minutes can burn over 300 calories doing this!

9. Do Some Yoga

Maybe you are more of a yoga type, rather than a sports or sandcastle person. You can burn calories on the beach doing that too! Just think about it: the sounds of the waves combined with the relaxing yoga poses make for an extremely beneficial beach workout! A 175-pound person can burn over 150 calories in one 45-minute workout routine. So if you want a relaxing way to burn calories, maybe you should check this out!

10. Go Swimming

Last but not least, what else would you do at a beach? Go swimming, of course! Swimming is the most obvious and one of the most refreshing ways to burn calories at the beach that you can participate in! Swimming is a cardio workout that works the entire body, so it should be no surprise that you can burn over 400 calories an hour!For extra burn, swim against the current!

Do not think that these are the only ways to burn calories at the beach – there are tons! Football, walking through the water, curling buckets of sand – the list of calorie-burning exercises goes on and on! So next time you hit the beach, try out some of these workout routines! Which one is your favorite?

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