The Ultimate CrossFit Playlist To Crush Your WOD

The Ultimate CrossFit Playlist To Crush Your WOD

Oct 11, 2017 //

CrossFit is a hardcore fitness regimen based on performing functional movements at a high intensity. It’s a fantastic workout for anyone wanting to get their heart pumping and muscles aching, but be warned — you’ll need tons of energy and motivation to make it through.

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That’s why we always recommend a hard-hitting playlist to help guide you through the peaks and valleys of your workout. Indeed, Studies have found that the right music can have get you motivated to complete a sweat session when you’re low on energy.

Ready to crush that Workout of the Day (WOD)?

Warm up with some smooth Drake. His song “Energy” has a solid beat for performing warm up exercises and dynamic stretches. Or go a little softer with Deftones’ “Swerve City.”

The first and foremost rule for CrossFit is variety. Mixing up routines, exercises and sets is the pillar for all CrossFit aficionados. Any good CrossFit routine will include some form of weightlifting, to build muscle and increase strength. You’ll need music to keep you pumped but also to keep your mind focused, as concentration is an often-forgotten rule to weight lifting. “Stockholm Syndrome” from Muse is the perfect tune to lift your lifts to the next level.

Ready to get your squat on? Like weightlifting, you’ll want to get hyped up while keeping your concentration going. I’m going old-school here, but why not try Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” to keep your squat form precise?

Keep It Steady

CrossFit programs are notoriously tiring. They’re designed to push you to your limits to keep your heart rate up and your body in fat burning mode. Take on each WOD cautiously. The best method to completing each one is comfortably and consistently. Once you have mastered this, then push yourself further.

To remind yourself to listen to your body and not over exert yourself, add an active recovery tune to your playlist. Try Adele’s “Send My Love.” It’s an upbeat song, but not as intense as the others on this playlist.

Climb Even Higher

One activity at CrossFit that’s dreaded by some and cherished by others: the rope. Dun dun derr! It takes sheer force of will to climb that rope, so of course, you need a killer song in your playlist to get you to the top. You can either go the serene route (concentration and relaxation to focus the mind), and for this, I like the old song “Heaven” by DJ Sammy.

Or, you could go the absolute mad, mayhem, screaming route. “Firestarter” by Prodigy is my oldie-but-goodie that can push me that extra mile… or inch up the rope.

The right playlist can be essential for finishing a CrossFit routine. You need upbeat songs to pump you up, along with some relaxing, steady tunes to keep you focused. Use these songs as a reference, and add some of your own. A CrossFit music playlist is only as good as you make it.