10 Exercises You Can Do In Bed

Sep 12, 2016 //

We’ve all been there. We’ve got an early-morning workout scheduled for the AM, but the alarm goes off and you automatically hit snooze.

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Some days, it’s simply too hard to get out of bed and get moving. Thankfully, there’s a solution for you bed-loving lazy butts out there.

No matter your motives or your preferences, working out in bed is a great way to start your day off right. While a bed workout is certainly no substitute for a rigorous fitness program, doing 10 minutes of the following exercises before getting out of bed each morning can invigorate you for the day ahead, and maybe even motivate you to get in a proper workout later in the day.

Plus, what’s better than sculpting your muscles surrounded by a cozy comforter and fluffy pillows?

Here are you 10 exercises you can try in your bed — comfy pjs and all.


1. Leg Circles

Let’s start with a simple movement for lower ab strength and circulation. Lying on your back, lift your legs about six inches off of the bed. Keep your abs contracted, your back flat on the bed, your arms at your sides, your knees straight, and your feet touching. Now draw small circles in the air with your feet without touching the bed. Do 20 circles clockwise and 20 circles counterclockwise.

2. Butt-Sculpting Hip Rotation

It won’t take long to feel how effective this tiny motion is. Lying facedown, fold your arms under your head and stretch your legs straight behind you. Bend your right leg and put your right foot on the back of your left knee. Both your hips should stay on the floor, with your knee pointing out. Contracting your right cheek without raising your hip, lift your right knee a few inches off the bed. Hold for two seconds before lowering your knee. Do 10 repetitions. Then switch legs and start again.

3. The Pilates Clam

This exercise tones the hips and thighs while increasing your pelvic stability. Lie on your right side, making sure your hips and shoulders are in a straight line and stacked on top of one another. Draw in your feet and bend both knees so that your legs are at a 90-degree angle to your body, keeping your feet in line with your hips and shoulders. Rest your head on your right arm, bent or stretched, keeping your neck straight. Put your left hand on the bed in front of your chest for support. Now, keeping your big toes together, slowly rotate your left hip, opening and raising the knee. As soon as you feel your hips shift out of alignment, begin lowering your leg to the starting position. Do four more repetitions, then switch sides.

4. Knee-In Leg Lifts

This leg-lift variation works your thighs, butt, and outer thighs. Lie on your right side with your right knee bent and right foot behind you. Use your right hand to prop your head up; your left hand can rest on your hip. Pointing your left toes, extend your left leg so it forms a straight line with your body. Keeping your hips on top of one another, lift your left leg straight up, pointing your toes toward the ceiling. Now bend your left knee and bring it in toward your torso. Extend the left leg toward the ceiling again before lowering it with control to the starting position. Complete 10 repetitions, then switch over to your other side.

5. Arm Extension To Shoulder Tap

This exercise will work your shoulders and core. Start in a high plank position, with your arms straight and wrists directly under your shoulders. Make sure your body forms a straight line, from the top of your head to your toes. Hold your abs and glutes tight as you extend your right arm straight out in front of you, holding for one second. Before lowering your arm, tap your left shoulder. Repeat with your left arm. Complete 30 total repetitions while alternating sides (15 per side).

6. Half Bridge

This isometric exercise will tone your rear. Start by lying on your back. Your feet should be flat on the bed, hip-width apart, with your knees bent. Contract your abs and glutes, lifting your tailbone. Push up until your shoulder, hip, and knee form a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds, keeping your butt engaged and your breathing regular. Lower back and repeat several times.

7. Marching Hip Raises

Adding a marching motion to the half bridge gives it some kick. Begin in a half bridge (see above). Keeping your knee bent, squeeze your butt and raise your right foot up off the bed until your right knee is directly over your right hip. Lower your right foot back to the bed. Repeat on the left side. Continue alternating sides for a total of 30 reps.

8. Jackknife Sit-Ups

At the height of this movement, you’re balancing only on your butt! Start by lying on your back with your arms and legs stretched out and your feet together. Keep your arms and legs straight and your core engaged throughout the movement. Exhale as you lift your upper and lower body off the bed, aiming to meet your hands to your feet. Lower down to start in a controlled way. Complete 10 reps.

9. Table-Top High Fives

Sit on the bed with your legs extended in front and arms resting at your sides. Bending your knees, place your feet flat on the bed. In one smooth motion, press into your hands and feet as you straighten your elbows and lift your hips up toward the ceiling, until your body from shoulder to knee is one straight line. Keep your glutes squeezed and your bellybutton high. Now pick your right hand up off the bed and stretch toward the ceiling. Lower and repeat with the left hand. Alternate for a total of 30 reps (15 each side).

10. Ankle Rolls

End with an exercise that stretches and improves circulation to your feet, which you’ll be using a lot once you get up and walk around. Lie down with both legs stretched out toward the ceiling. Turn your feet outward and inward, rolling your ankles for one minute.