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15 Partner-Friendly Ab Exercises For A Stronger Core

Aug 23, 2016 //

Working out with a friend or loved one not only keeps you accountable, but it also adds some fun to your routine.

Since core strength is so important, we’ve included several exercises you can do with a partner to strengthen your abdominals.

1. Partner-Friendly High-Five Planks

  • Both partners get in a plank position facing one another.
  • Now, alternate giving high fives with your right and left hands while maintaining a strong plank position.
  • This can be performed by holding the plank on your forearms or your hands.

2. Squat-And-Twist Ab Exercises

  • Stand with your backs toward each other in a squat or bent-knee position.
  • Pass a weighted ball clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • This helps engage the obliques.

3. Overhead Pass Abs Workout

  • Standing back-to-back, one partner holds a weighted ball overhead and passes it to the other partner.
  • Then, both partners squat, and the person with the ball rolls it between his or her legs for the other to pick it up and start the cycle again.
  • Remember to pull your abs in as you bend down and stretch up.

4. Downward Dog Meets Plank

  • One partner goes into a downward dog position, while the other crawls through or under the downward dog, and then forms a plank.
  • The partner performing the downward dog then steps over the partner in plank position.
  • Repeat: downward dog, crawl through, plank, step over, downward dog, rotating partners.

5. Push Together

  • Grab a soft, unweighted ball (like a fitball or bender ball).
  • Each partner holds the same ball and tries to push the other person.
  • As you resist the push, engage your core muscles.

6. Sculpt Your Abs with High-Five Crunches

  • Each partner lies in a supine (on the back) position with knees bent and feet touching.
  • Roll up, high five, and roll down in a slow and controlled manner.

7. Kneeling-Partner Twist

  • Get back-to-back in a kneeling position and gently twist to the right, until you can pass a weighted ball to your partner.
  • Then, twist to the left side to get the ball.
  • The twist will strengthen your obliques.

8. V-Sit And Pass

  • Sit 1-2 feet away from your partner with your knees bent.
  • Hold a medicine ball at your chest, and lean back a few inches and rotate one way and then the other, keeping your core tight.
  • Throw the ball to your partner; next, it’s his or her turn to perform the movement.

9. Toss-The-Ball Ab Crunches

  • Each partner lies down with knees bent and feet touching one another.
  • Throw a weighted ball back and forth as each person comes up to simultaneously perform ab crunches.

10. Squat And Jump Together

  • Each partner faces the other and holds onto one end of a resistance band.
  • Stand far enough to create tension in the band.
  • Simultaneously lower into a squat position, and then jump as high as you both can.
  • Land in the squat position.

11. Twist-And-Shout Trunk Rotation

  • Each partner wraps a band around the back of their waist, while the other partner holds the handles.
  • Move apart from one another so that the band has resistance.
  • Then, tighten your core and rotate your torso in one direction while your partner rotates in the opposite direction.

12. One-Leg Chest Pass Core Exercises

  • Stand on one leg, about five feet from your partner, who is also standing on one leg.
  • Your core will have to remain engaged to balance as you pass a ball between one another.
  • Switch legs after you’ve passed the ball for 30-60 seconds.

13. Foot Press On A BOSU Ball

  • Each partner sits on a BOSU ball, facing one another, in a V-position, with their legs bent and their feet pressed against one another.
  • Now march or press each foot without losing your balance. (If you lose balance, it’s a sign you need to put more core strength into the move).
  • If you’ve never done this before, it’s okay to hold onto the sides of the BOSU until you get the hang of it.

14. BOSU For The Core

  • Each partner begins seated on the BOSU ball in a partially reclined position with their heels touching the floor (face your partner).
  • Toss the medicine ball back and forth.
  • Try not to lift your feet or touch the ground with your hands.

15. Wheelbarrow Push-Ups

  • One person begins in a traditional push-up position, while the other grabs the feet of the person doing the push-up.
  • You’ll need to tighten your core to do as many push-ups as you can — as your partner does squats on each downward motion.

After you’ve got in a good sweat session together, end your routine with partner stretches.

Kimberly Nicoletti

Kimberly Nicoletti is a certified group fitness instructor and licensed Zumba instructor. She has a Master’s Degree in Dance Therapy and Somatic Psychology, which involves the mind-body connection.

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