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30-Day Abs And Squats Challenge

Jul 22, 2016 //

Are you ready for a tight mid-section, killer thighs and gorgeous glutes? Take our 30-day abs and squat challenge to boost your core, leg and butt muscles in just one month!

Exercises Involved:

Sit-ups exercise your abdominal muscles and reinforce your core.

Crunches also also target your abdominal muscles, but with less strain on your lower back.

Squats boost your core while also engaging your lower body, toning your legs and improving your flexibility.

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Ridz Buk

Ridz had been the Sr. Content Analyst for Fitness Republic. With her passion to keep herself well informed about health & fitness trends, she aims to promote healthy habits and healthy lifestyle through her words for maintaining optimal health.


  • Pls make me a motion video

    Ogbonna godwin 05.07.2017
  • Just wondering how many sets should be done of each?

    Mira 16.08.2017
  • Will takeup the challenge.!

    Damon 06.09.2017

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