5 Advanced Back Workouts For A Killer Back

Aug 11, 2016 //

Most of us focus on building up and toning muscles that are easy to show off.

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Think about it: Your abs, glutes and biceps get most of the focus in your workouts — but what about your back?

It may not be limelight all the time, but a strong, muscular back supports all of your other muscles groups. A weak back, on the other hand, can lead to pain and decreased mobility, which will end up hurting you (and your workouts) in the long run.

You can tell when someone works out a lot but never focuses on their back. Have you seen those muscly guys strutting around, all hunched over like a gorilla?

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Don’t be that guy. Strengthen your back and your important core muscles with this killer back workout.

1. The Barbell Circuit


How much do you lift? Barbell lifting can be a great form of an advanced back workout, especially if you know the right moves to include. Focus on repeating sets of the following exercises for your back with barbells.


There are several different types of deadlifts, and many of them work your back if you perform them properly. Choose deadlifts that focus on holding position rather than moving extensively. Examples of effective deadlifts for a killer back include: Romanian deadlifts, squat deadlifts, barbell deadlifts, and single-leg deadlifts.

Bench Presses

Standard and popular for a reason, bench pressing (when performed correctly) is great for your back. To get your whole back chiseled, be sure to perform alternating bench presses on decline, incline, and flat benches.

Weighted Bends

With a barbell over your shoulders, practice bends and twists. Here’s an exercise to try: Without moving your feet, turn your torso 180 degrees to each side with the barbell behind your neck. You’ll feel the burn in the back muscles running along your sides.

2. Defining Dumbbell Routine


Perform three sets of this routine for a complete back-sculpting, advanced workout.

  • Weighted Flys: 10 repetitions on the incline, 10 on the flat bench.
  • Elbow Touches: 20 repetitions.
  • Dumbbell Bench Presses: 10 repetitions on the incline, 10 on the decline, 10 on the flat bench.
  • Renegade Dumbbell Rows: 10 repetitions per arm.
  • Weighted Single Arm Pushups: 10 repetitions per arm.

3. Bench And Build

You can perform a ton of killer back workout exercises using a bench press. Try two sets of the following in addition to your usual gym workout routine.

  • Decline Bench Press: 10 repetitions, aiming the barbell for the lower chest.
  • Flat Bench Press: 10 slow and steady repetitions.
  • Incline Dumbbell Flys: 20 repetitions.
  • Bent Arm Dumbbell Pullover: 15 repetitions.
  • Off-the-Bench Planking: Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

4. Around The Gym Machines

Many pieces of gym equipment are designed to help strengthen the muscles in the back. Use the following machines that are found around the gym to complete your advanced back workout.

  • Cable Machine: Designed strictly for upper-body building, the cable machine is your friend. Perform front-and back-facing cable rows in repetitions of 10. Stand for lateral pulldowns in repetitions of 10 as well. Then, try 10 seated lateral pulls.
  • Fly Machines: You know those machines that have two pull bars, one for each arm? There are several forms of fly machines, some designed for sitting and others for standing. Some machines require the use of just your forearms, others just your hands. Use these machines alternately to find out which best stretches and strengthens your back muscles.
  • Pullover Machines: Again, you’ll find multiple types of pullover machines in a gym. Some have a simple bar and cable you pull. Certain pullover machines are designed for standing, others for sitting. Each machine may be designed to target your upper, lower, and middle back. Use them all!

5. Push-And-Pull Workout

A lot of the everyday work your back muscles do involve pushing and pulling. So, these exercises all work to strengthen and equip your muscles for all that commotion. You’ll need secure bars and other gym equipment to effectively complete this advanced workout circuit.

  • Chin-ups: 10 repetitions, two sets.
  • Pull-ups: five repetitions at time, three sets.
  • Pushups: 10 at a time, three sets.
  • Single-Arm Weighted Push-Ups: 10 repetitions per arm.
  • Banded or Cable Pull-Aparts: 15 repetitions, two sets.