The Best Glute-Shaping Exercises For Your Butt Type

Jun 7, 2017 //

Swimsuit season is almost here, and you know what that means: it’s time to tone and tighten our tushes! Whether you’re looking to sculpt, shrink or grow, it’s always good to have a goal in mind when it comes to your glutes.

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Not all butt-shaping exercises are going to work for everyone; you want to keep your particular booty aspirations in mind, and choose the specific exercises that will get you the results you want.

Without further ado, here are the best glute exercises for your specific butt type.

Butt Type: Loosey Goosey

Your behind fits easily into your favourite jeans… a little too easily, perhaps. If you find yourself wishing for a little more cushion back there, this move is for you to build up your booty.

The Move: Squat Pulses

A classic move with a tough variation that will give your butt some serious muscle.

  • Begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Make sure your entire body is facing forward. Your toes and knees should be in alignment, slightly pointing out. Keep your abdominal muscles flexed.
  • Inhale and lower down, bending your knees as though you are about to sit in a chair. (You may have heard never to allow your knees to extend past your toes, but that is actually dependent both on what type of squat you are doing, as well as your unique body proportions.)
  • Keep your back straight and your butt back and down.
  • At the bottom of the squat, pulse four 8 counts before rising back up and starting again.
  • Do as many reps as you can until failure. Then take a 30-second break, and repeat two more times.

Butt Type: Darling Dimples

Does your derrière have darling dimples from yo-yo dieting and sitting in a cubicle all day? HIIT workouts, weight training, and interval training are all good for improving blood circulation to your glutes, plus this resistance-band based move will have you feeling the burn.

The Move: Glute Kickbacks

With or without the band, this move catches up to you quickly.

  • Get on your hands and knees. Loop the handle of a resistance tube around your foot, and hold the tube on the floor with both hands for added resistance.
  • Straighten your right leg and “kick” it toward the ceiling by squeezing your glute for two seconds. If you really want to feel the burn, add a four-count pulse.
  • Don’t let your back arch — keep it flat and level.
  • Lower and repeat for 15 reps. Repeat with your left leg for 15 reps.

Butt Type: Saddlebag City

Many women struggle with toning the upper-thigh and hip area, a.k.a, the dreaded “saddlebags.” Though saddlebags are a common problem, with the right diet and exercise regime — and a few targeted moves — you can sculpt a long, lean figure and a backside to be proud of.

The Move: Side Lunge

Side lunges are wildly effective for your hips and glutes, and can be performed with dumbbells as well.

  • Begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. This will be your starting position.
  • Staying low, take a slow, lateral step to the right. Keep your toes pointed forward and stay low. Extend the left knee, driving your weight to the right, flexing the knee and hip into a side lunge. Maintain good posture through the entire spine, keeping your head and chest up.
  • Pause at the bottom of the motion, and then extend through the working leg to return to a standing position, transitioning into a lunge to the opposite side.
  • Complete 15 reps on each leg. For added burn, try adding a four-count pulse at the bottom of each side lunge before returning to start position.

Butt Type: Bubble Butt

Lucky you! You’ve got that big, beautiful tush we’re all envious of. Whether your loathe or love your bubble butt, remember to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze while doing this exercise.

The Move: One-Legged Glute Bridges

Remember not to use your back or leg muscles to raise your hips. Add a weight on your pelvis for increased resistance.

  • Lie on a mat on your your back.
  • Bend your right knee and keep your left leg straight.
  • Squeeze your abdominals while squeezing your glutes.
  • Raise your body to form a straight line from knees to shoulders.
  • Hold this position for two seconds.
  • Return to starting position and repeat 20 repetitions.
  • Repeat with left knee bent and right leg straight.

Of course, none of these butt-busting moves are mutually exclusive. No matter your butt type or glute goals, choose a lower-body workout that makes your buns sing and feel the burn… or incorporate all of these moves together for a seriously butt-toning workout for all booty types.