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How Many Calories does Zumba Burn?

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How Many Calories does Zumba Burn?

Exactly How Many Calories does Zumba Burn?

Zumba Fitness happens to be an excellent way to burn those calories and aid in weight loss. As you dance to the beat of contemporary music, you are effectively exercising and raising your heart rate. Indeed the party-like energy and atmosphere of Zumba Fitness will never let you feel like losing calories is a chore ever again!

This is a major advantage to absolutely anyone who wishes to lose weight (and don’t we all?!) that sets Zumba apart from ANY other form of exercise Thus, like the Zumba saying goes: Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!

Zumba workouts normally vary in intensity. The amount of calories burned will largely depend on the following individualistic factors of the person participating in Zumba:

  • Weight
  • Fitness Level
  • Muscle Composition

Nevertheless, there are 3 believed factors of the calories burned in Zumba:

  • You can burn anywhere between 500 to 800 calories in an hour-long session
  • On average, a person who weighs 150lb can expect to burn 536 calories with an hour-long session.
  • By comparison, the same person would burn 413 calories during an hour of moderate swimming, 477 calories during an hour of casual racquetball, and 684 calories during an hour of running at a 10-minute mile pace.

As everyone is different, the most accurate way to measure calories burned is to use a heart rate monitor. In the absence of a heart rate monitor the Fitness Republic’s Exercise Log is the best option that estimates the calories burned, based on average metabolic rates per intensity. This tool allows you to keep a track of the calories lost in Zumba AND it is extremely easy to use. Here is what you need to do:

Simply enter the…

  • Activity level of your Zumba
  • The duration of your Zumba workout and the
  • Intensity of your Zumba workout.

Here are the options and what they imply to select the appropriate Zumba Fitness work out intensity:

  • Moderate: You could talk while doing your Zumba Fitness workout
  • Intense: You are out of breath and cannot even talking during your Zumba Fitness workout


Stop waiting and Start using this tool today and find out exactly what Zumba is doing for you! Happy Calories Counting!

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