November Fitness Challenge: Tabata Takeover

Nov 1, 2016 //

Do not let your Halloween haul set you back this year; instead, avoid it altogether by completing this 30-day, Tabata-style fitness challenge!

Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which involves quick bursts of vigorous cardiovascular exercise followed by short periods of recovery. Tabata is great for increasing metabolism, burning fat, and improving both muscle and bone mass. Additionally, because Tabata involves working at such a high intensity, the workouts can be completed in less than 60 minutes and are just as effective as exercsing at a lower intensity for a longer period of time.

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This couldn’t be more convenient for those people who find themselves crunched for time, especially during the fall and winter. After completing this month-long challenge, you’ll feel ready to face the holiday season.

Fitness Challenge Guidelines and Instructions

  • Warm up and stretch prior to starting each day’s workout assignment.
  • Complete as many repetitions of the assigned exercises as possible within a 20-second interval.
  • After 20 seconds of work, rest for 10 seconds before repeating that same exercise.
  • For each exercise, you should work for 20 seconds followed by rest for 10 seconds for a total of 8 times before proceeding to the next movement.
  • With each week, the Tabata workouts increase in length. However, if this is too difficult, repeat the Week 1 exercise assigments.
  • Remember to cool down after each workout and to drink plenty of water as well as replenish electrolytes.
  • Because Tabata workouts are high intensity, make sure that you are cleared by a physician to exercise at this level.
  • Familiarize yourself with the proper form for each of the exercises, before attempting them in order to prevent injury. As an alternative, if you are not comfortable completing certain exercises, feel free to substitute them out for other ones.
  • If you feel yourself starting to get fatigued, slow down the pace at which you are completing the repetitions during the 20-second work period.
  • Although Tabata is designed for intermediate to advanced workout levels, if you are a beginner, you do not have to complete each exercise for 8 rounds total. You can decrease the number of rounds to best fit your level of fitness. Additionally, you can slow down the pace at which you are completing the exercises and/or modify the movements.