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Six Reasons To Add Burpees In Your Daily Workout Routine

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Six Reasons To Add Burpees In Your Daily Workout Routine

What’s so great about burpees? One of the most popular exercises appears in Crossfit regimens and HIIT Workouts. The “burpee” is a great exercise to add intensity to any workout.

A burpee is a lot like a jumping jack with a crunch. There are plenty of benefits of burpees that not only improve health and fitness but also the efficiency in which these two are achieved. With the burpee, less is more. This stretch can be performed with simplicity or elaborate additions and makes a fantastic cardio and muscle-toning exercise. Not to mention, you can mix up the motions each time for target intensity and a little bit of variety.

1. Perform in Any Space

What’s so great about burpees, and why is everyone jumping on board? Burpees are a portable exercise that require just a small box of space. The act of squatting, jumping the legs out to a plank (pushup position), then back to a squat and up, only requires an area as tall as your body. Burpees can be performed just about anywhere—on the court during warm-up, at the gym between strength exercises, or in the grass after a run. To intensify any fitness routine, just add burpees.

Tip: Add burpees to your regular workout routine to increase intensity or as a warm-up.

2. Improve Strength and Aerobic Capacity

Not only does the burpee allow you to build strength, it’s also aerobic! This means burpees give you a chance to sculpt core muscles and improve cardiovascular health at the same time. What makes burpees such an effective exercise is the fact that it allows you to perform a compound stretch to engage a variety of muscles, which allows you to sculpt more defined muscles in the end. All that exercise will pay off when both health and physique are improved in one stretch.

Tip: To improve strength while performing burpees, add a pushup each time you reach the plank position.

3. Endurance Boost

The added cardiovascular benefit of a burpee proves an effective tool for endurance training. Add burpees to your workout in order to increase the intensity of your endurance training efforts. If you wish to win the marathon, then burpees can help you not only increase your aerobic performance, but they can also help build strength in key muscles for agility. There’s more to winning the race than just speed—so improve your endurance and agility with burpees.

Tip: Add a set of sprints between a set of burpees for an intense endurance training exercise.

4. Full Body Workout

Many embrace burpees for the simple fact that they provide a full-body workout. Burpees engage the core, legs, arms, and chest while also building strength in each. This means it’s a workout that activates all areas of the body, for an easy way to quickly exercise each and every day. Not to mention, burpees are a great place to start a workout routine. They provide a great way to warm up all muscles just before a workout for this reason.

Tip: Add burpees to your regular workout routine to easily engage all muscle groups.

5. Never Get Bored

What makes each set of burpees so special is the style you put into it. Each set of reps can be intensified or changed up to add an interesting switch to the mix. To intensify the focus on the arms, just add a pushup at the plank. To get the heartrate up, try adding jumping jacks to the end.

Tip: Change things up by adding motions to your burpees that correspond to your strength training—if you are on arms, work the arms at the plank.

6. Blast Calories

Did you know burpees are high intensity? This means that with burpees you’ll blast through calories at a much higher rate. Burpees provide a fun, easy way to boost the metabolism for optimal performance and slimming effects. It kicks 50% more calories than your average moderate exercise! This means: forget the elliptical, you need burpees! The after-effects are also inviting. After performing your everyday burpee routine, you can expect to see a boost in your metabolism that also makes weight loss much easier. Set your metabolism back into motion with burpees.

Tip: Get started in the early morning with a quick set of burpees for more energy throughout the day.

Why not blast calories, improve endurance, and build strength in the core all at the same time? Add some burpees to your regular workout routine for added intensity and the simplest full body workout. Just don’t forget to mix up the motions and have fun with it.

Need some help adding motions to your burpees? Burpees make a flexible exercise with opportunities for variety. Try these burpee combinations with pushups, squats and jumps for an intense workout.



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