The Ultimate, Muscle-Building Workout For Leg Day

Nov 21, 2016 //

This intense, muscle-building workout is perfect if you’re trying to get more out of leg day.

If you want defined and toned legs, a perfect butt, and muscular, strong thighs, this workout is definitely for you.

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Never perform this workout two days in a row. Your muscles will need time time to breakdown and rebuild, so focus on your upper half or cardio moves on the other days preceding this workout. (Plus, your legs will feel like Jell-O for a few days afterwards!).

To get started, learn the following leg exercises:

Types Of Deadlifts


1. Traditional Deadlift

Select a barbell and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Grasp the barbell with your hands at shoulder width apart, too. Slowly lift the barbell to a comfortable position. Begin to raise and lower your upper body, keeping your back straight and focusing the motion on moving from your hips. Your thighs and glutes will feel the burn.

2. Romanian Deadlift

Perform a traditional deadlift but keep your legs straight and stiff instead. Allow your back to move as you raise and lower the barbell and your body. Alternately adjust your stance to focus the weight on your heels and your toes to give your whole legs serious muscle-building power.

3. Snatch Grip Deadlift

For this deadlift, spread your hands as far apart on the barbell as you reasonably can. While squatting to lift the barbell, tuck your buttocks under your body and, instead of raising yourself up, simply hold the ultra-low squat position for 30 seconds. Then finish the lift.

Squat Variations


1. Barbell Squat

While holding a barbell behind your neck, perform a basic squat. Keep your back as straight as possible for optimal mass gain.

2. Split Squat

Place one leg on an exercise bench. Hold a barbell behind your neck and perform a full squat with the one leg elevated. Be sure to alternate legs to workout both.

3. Back Squat

Set an incline bench against a wall or stable surface. Lying face up on the incline, place your feet against the wall as if sitting. Ask your partner to hand you a barbell. Raise and lower yourself from the “squat” while on your back on the incline.



With a barbell behind your shoulders, hands holding the barbell in alignment with your elbows, squat with one leg forward and the other behind you, as if walking in an exaggerated manner. Never let your knee touch the floor, but get as close to the ground as possible. Raise yourself up, and step forward in the same way to alternate legs and complete a rep.



On an incline bench, adjust weights and perform leg presses.



Sit on the curl machine, adjust weights appropriately, and perform leg curls to work your calves and thighs effectively.



While on the extension machine at the gym, select challenging weights. Secure your legs safely behind the roller bar, and extend your legs forward for a healthy burn and a great leg exercise.

Behold, The Workout:

1. Traditional Deadlifts: 10 repetitions

2. Extensions: 20 repetitions

3. Barbell Squats: 10 repetitions

4. Curls: 20 repetitions

5. Split Squats: 5 repetitions per leg

6. Extensions: 10 repetitions

7. Back Squats: 5 repetitions

8. Presses: 20 repetitions

9. Romanian Deadlifts: 10 repetitions

10. Snatch Deadlifts: 10 repetitions

11. Lunges: 20 repetitions

12. Curls: 10 repetitions

13. Back Squats: 5 repetitions

14. Traditional Deadlifts: 10 repetitions

15. Extensions: 10 repetitions

Repeat this routine 3 times, performing 3 total sets of all these repetitions. The routine will target each of your major leg muscles specifically, as well your overall leg muscle building goal. This leg workout is sure to promote mass gain that will get your lower half sculpted in no time.

For Maximum Results And Safety:

Stretch before and after working out. If you feel any of your muscles tightening up, especially after exercises like the Romanian deadlift, stop to stretch again. Stretching can help keep your muscles safe from strain and injury.

Take time to rest between each type of exercise. Resting helps to prepare your muscles to transition from movement to movement, which also prevents injury and strain. Further, resting time gives you the ability to
maximize each of the leg exercises that you perform.

Stay hydrated. Even though you may not feel winded or thirsty, water is important for keeping your muscles in
prime condition, so be sure to keep sipping throughout your workout.